Obama is not a Netanyahu

By: Guest Authors

By: Dr Phil Taverna

Obama put Netanyahu on the spot and in response; he didn’t curl up like the liberal media or the liberal Democrats. There really wasn’t much talk about his speech to congress and his one on one with Obama. But clearly only one of these leaders has charisma and it was not Obama.

BiBi could have come out attacking. Just like any liberal politician, he could have screamed for justice. Heck he could have thrown his shoes across the room. But he didn’t. He acted as a true friend and ally and acted with diplomacy something Obama couldn’t do even in his dreams. After Bibi presented all the facts he could put together in a 45 minute speech there was only one result. No one in the room could possibly believe that this man and his country were not serious about achieving peace in the Middle East.

Frankly how can you achieve peace with a bunch of lunatics that allow terrorists to rule the day? One would have to be the biggest fool on the planet to think that they could negotiate peace with a country or state or whatever that allows terrorists to kill innocent civilians like on 911. He would be a bigger fool to think that a state that allows jihadists to have a say in policy would be open to peace!

Where was our liberal press? Could it be they all left town to be with their idol Obama?

Remember Obama made a previous statement that Israel must go back to their pre-1967 borders to achieve peace. This must have made a lot of world leaders proud of our fearless leader. Israel’s enemies have been trying to annihilate them for years. They have lobbed countless bombs on innocent civilians. If that wasn’t a reason to wipe their enemies off the face of the earth, then what will it take to make Israel angry enough to seek revenge!

The United States made its enemies pay dearly for their jihadist attacks. Our enemies are still paying for their stupidity. So why shouldn’t Israel be allowed to defend her country?

In Israel there are about 6.5 million Jewish folks and about 1.5 million Arabs. And it would not take much imagination to assume that most countries in the Middle East could bomb Israel in a matter of seconds. For the most part this has not happened but it would not be hard to imagine that if the wrong people get their hands on some of that kind of weaponry, at some point in time this will happen. So Obama must ask does Israel have a right to defend itself?

But let’s take this a bit further. If Obama gave this same speech what would it look like?

If Obama gave this speech there would be more I’s and mine’s and me’s. It would be more focused on Obama and what he expects others to do as he read his charges from his giant teleprompters. Bibi only read from his notes.

Bibi interjected emotion. Heart felt emotion not necessarily his own like we hear from Obama but those of his people. Could you imagine living under the threat of an attack with only 60 seconds to seek shelter? And the only injustice that would have occurred is that you chose to live in Israel?

Bibi was able to be very Reganesque by interjecting humor. Not sarcastic humor that we are used to hearing coming from Obama, but humor that brought laughter to all not just the people Obama was not attacking.

If you have a chance, please listen to BiBi’s speech. And for all the liberals out there, this is what charisma looks like. When Obama reads his speeches, they can never carry a candle to speeches like this or Reagan’s speeches because without patriotism, there can be no charisma.

On O’Reilly they have this section on body language. It’s usually silly and stupid and frankly a waste of precious air time. But they examined a scene where Bibi was talking and Obama was listening. They were only separated by a few feet. And the angle of the camera was such that you could see the look Obama was giving to Bibi while Bibi was speaking to the public as well as Obama.

Obama was kind of leaning a bit and his mouth was being covered by his hand in an awkward position. If anything it was quite disrespectful to the leader of one of our dearest allies. Obama was also seen posing the same way for other leaders.

Are you telling me that the President of the United States does not have enough energy or respect to be able to hold his head erect while listening to someone speak. Granted from his community organizer days he would have a legal pad on his crossed legs, but doesn’t Obama feel that he should show a great deal of respect to this leader? He looks as though he is trying to stare down his opponent with a look of anger.

As time goes by, more and more Americans can see Obama as just a mere child. When you look at Mr. Netanyahu you see a kind and concerned leader. You don’t get the same feeling from Obama and you never will.

Bibi filled his speech with facts and figures. Have you ever heard any speech by Obama that deals with anything that comes close to a true accounting containing facts and figures? How many times has he and Biden told you they have turned the economy around? Do they realize you can only turn the economy around once? If you do it twice you are now going backwards. If that is the case, then Obama and his liberal policies may be ascertained correctly 50% of the time. In other words the country is headed in the wrong direction!

It would be great if the next president of 2012 can tell the Americans the truth. The leader can lead the people with facts. Can lead the people with patriotism that will create jobs and not a leader bloviating about jobs that a non-leader can only dream about and imagine. Wouldn’t you prefer to listen to: A leader like Netanyahu, or the community organizer like Obama?


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