If Obama isn’t driving the truck then who is?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Obama used one of his stupid metaphors the other day. He said the economy was hit by a truck. It went something like this:

“Even though the economy is growing, even though it’s created more than two million jobs over the past 15 months, America still faces some tough times,” Obama said. “You know, it’s just like if you had a bad illness, if you got hit by a truck, it’s going to take a while for you to mend. And that’s what’s happened to our economy. It’s taking a while to mend.”

Does Obama know that he has been driving this truck for 30 months? Also factor in that congress has been a majority of liberal Democrats for a long time before that. Guys like Dodd and Frank have had a healthy input on holding on to the truck’s steering wheel. They may be yanking that wheel to the left, but when are they going to take credit for driving the American Economy into the liberal ditch!

For what ever reason the liberals want to use puns with words like ditch, cliff and so on, but if you look closely at Obama’s picture of his economy he relates it to healthcare. That is pretty stupid to say the least! Because Obamacare may be the biggest economical concrete wall that the liberals could have created. And it will take a long time before the conservatives will muster enough power to tell Obama and his liberal micromanagers to tear down that wall. In hindsight, once all the states started filing lawsuits against Obamacare, the smart politician would have taken Obamacare off the table, but insanity prevails and the truck route to recovery is at a standstill as long as Obamacare is on the median strip or is it a spike strip that will not only deflate the tires of the American economy, but will actually send it backwards.

For most of my life I have been a dentist, so I have had my share of idiots trying to compare a repair on a car, house whatever to fixing a tooth. Since they know absolutely nothing about healthcare or dentistry, it is quite stupid by any measure to try to compare something else to healthcare. It is more problematic when the person you are explaining your dumb story to is an expert in health care.

Our fearless leader is trying to create this right brained picture of the economy being hit by a truck. The truck caused so much damage that it is going to take the liberal Democrats a lot longer to fix the economy. The part he failed to mention is who is driving the truck?

He also fails to mention that he and his liberal cohorts have been driving the truck for 30 months. If he wants to use healthcare as a comparison to the economy, then that would be easy. When you get hit by a truck, you usually go to an American hospital and you are treated by the best healthcare professionals in the world. At least until Obamacare kicks in and the liberals continue to make cuts in Medicare to cover the burdensome costs of Obamacare.

But let’s make the point crystal clear when you get hit by a truck you go to experts to fix the problems. What economy experts did the liberal Democrats go to for the last 30 months?

And what did they do to fix the problem. And the fact of the matter is a doctor would diagnose the problem first. Their first call to business is to make sure you don’t die. Once the emergency is under control or as they say stabilized, they fix the bones, etc. And maybe some cosmetic fix up and rehab to get you on your way. The point is that when you get hit by a truck there is a pretty well established protocol in the emergency room as to what to do to “mend the patient”.

What has Obama and his liberal Democrats done to mend the economical patient? First off in August 2008 to insure a win in November they destroyed the banking business! They ordered the banks and appraisers to under appraise everything by at least 30%. So if you have a house worth $200,000 dollars in 2008, the liberal Democrats ordered them to lower that appraisal by $60,000. You could be the dumbest person on the planet but that stupid change is going to not only halt the economy and the housing industry; it will cause it to spiral downward out of control for a long time. Now Obama needs a doctor and maybe a psychiatrist if he thinks cash for clunkers was going to reverse the trend.

Bottom line is that the liberals and Obama were driving the truck all along. They blamed everyone under the sun, but after 30 months it is quite obvious that these liberals are merely dreamers who are clueless when it comes to running an economy.

The sad part about it all is if Obama truly believed that the economy was hit by a truck, why didn’t he call in experts to fix the problem? Healthcare was not a problem. The debt is technically not a problem. But lack of jobs is a problem. That is what needs to be mended. Clearly the economy has not turned around despite how many time Biden and Obama commanded it. And the numbers are a joke. If you factor into the numbers of all the unemployed the numbers are not true. Factor in all the new graduates that can’t even enter the job market. Factor in all the other folks just entering the job market. Factor in all the folks that gave up and are settling to live out their lives on the public dole. If you factor in all these numbers then how on earth can our fearless leader claim that they created 2 million jobs? If you lost 4 million jobs in 15 months and gained 2 million jobs in 2 months then by any math or calculus progressions, Obama has lost 2 million jobs not gained 2 million jobs.

But maybe Obama’s special math does not carry over to the jobs lost. But Americans must ask themselves at the end of the day who is driving the truck? And have they hired any experts/doctors to mend the problem? And let’s focus on one and only one problem. How many real jobs have Obama and the liberals like Wiener created and how many real jobs will they create in the next 18 months. And we are not talking about the dreams of their fathers. We want a plan that will guarantee a net of 8 million new jobs in 18 months. If the liberals have no plan, their license to drive the truck will be revoked by the voters. America can no longer afford a truck driver who cares more about himself and his liberal agendas then the real jobs that supply real American Dreams!


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