NC and Texas May Join Growing List of States Fighting Illegal Immigration


ALIPAC’s national network of activists is contacting lawmakers in Texas and North Carolina today to ask them to stand with the more than 80% of Americans who want immigration enforcement measures designed to protect American jobs, taxpayer resources, voting rights, and lives.

If new laws directed at illegal immigration pass in NC and Texas, these states will join the states of Alabama, Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, and Indiana which have all passed legislation in 2011 designed to curtail illegal immigration.

Within a few hours, committees in North Carolina will vote on SB 205, HB 36, and HB 351 which would stop many illegal aliens from taking American jobs, welfare benefits, and voting rights. While it is a felony for an illegal alien to register to vote, recent evidence from Colorado, North Carolina, and Georgia indicates that illegals are voting in large numbers.

In Texas, state lawmakers are considering SB 9 which would stop cities and towns from being ‘Sanctuary Cities’ where illegal aliens can move in and out of local jails when arrested for crimes without being deported. This has led to many high profile murders in Houston and Dallas and many other towns where crimes could have been prevented, if America’s existing border and immigration laws had been adequately enforced.

“These state law battles in Texas and North Carolina are essential to our efforts to build national momentum for immigration enforcement,” said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. “It is great to see so many state lawmakers stepping up to the plate to represent the 80% of Americans who want illegal immigration stopped and reversed at every level of government.”

Many states are trying to follow Arizona’s lead from 2010 when the state passed a new law, SB 1070, that was supported by a large majority of Arizonans and Americans as a whole. While President Obama and Mexico have sued to stop Arizona, strong bills in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Indiana have now taken center stage.

ALIPAC is asking activists from all states to converge on Texas and North Carolina by phone and email to ask for passage of these bills. The national organization is known for having stopped many state bills that offer benefits to illegals such as in-state tuition, as well as helping to stop Dream Act and Comprehensive Amnesty bills in Washington.

For more information about these important bills and votes in Texas and North Carolina, or for more information about ALIPAC please visit us on the web at

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