Keep your Stinking Hands off my Social Security and my Medicare!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

You have to hand it to the Republicans. They are not thinking with the right side of their brain. There are 2 words that Americans do not, never, absolutely do not want to hear from their crooked politicians and they are “cuts” as per benefits and “raise” as in taxes.

The Republicans should know better. Obama and the liberal Democrats are in so much trouble which makes this an easy election to win. The Republicans should mind their own business and get out of the liberals’ destructive way.

The economy sucks and Obama has no clue how to fix it. So why would anyone want to give him another 4 years. Obamacare is a joke. All the behind closed door shenanigans have lead to vouchers, waivers and lawsuits. Get out of their way! They are about to self destruct. Even Weiner can’t seem to keep his pants up. At the end of the day the average voter will come to only one conclusion… Obama has no desire to fix the average man’s economy.

Most people understand what the Republicans want to accomplish. They want to reel in run away spending that has been created by all these liberal programs. But keep in mind that the liberal media which still out numbers all the “fair and balanced” out there will cut you to threads. Although Huckabee thinks that the Republicans should agree with the Democrats when agreement is in order, how come we don’t see that same agreement coming from the Democrats? No matter what the Republicans say or do, there is always a liberal pundit out there to pick them apart. It doesn’t have to be left brain thoughts, just some spewing of liberal emotions. And that is all the voter remembers!

But there is a sociological problem with the word “cuts”. That’s a good word if you say you are going to cut taxes, but if you are going to cut Social Security or Medicare you are committing political suicide. Do you know how many dopes said that the cuts would not take affect for ten years? “We have to do something” no you don’t. A cut is a cut and it will be perceived as negative by all voters! If you disguise the word and use the word “change” it is still perceived as a cut.

And let’s face it, the term “cuts” has a negative connotation for the most part. If the liberal politicians all said that they would take a cut in pay and a cut in their lifetime of generous benefits, well that would be different. But that never happens. If you take the time to look, their costs, benefits, salaries and other expenses go up each and every year. But politicians think they can cut your benefits. That is plain stupid. They should lead by example. Let the liberal politicians cut all their government benefits and spending first.

A more positive approach is to make more people wealthy so they are not a burden to the entitlement programs. Let’s get some business people together and make a plan to put people to work. If you have a good job, you don’t need their stinking entitlements! If you don’t have a job, you want everything. And can you blame anyone for wanting a safety net!

Think of all the jobs a liberal like Obama has lost in just a few years. He lost jobs in the auto industry. He lost jobs in the real estate and building industry. Obama has never personally created a real job in his life! We need the people who understand business and know how to build factories and industries so people can work and know they can rely on the fact that they will have a job. Their children will have good jobs. And their children will have good jobs. Now that’s where the Republicans should be focusing. They should be focusing on what jobs Obama and the liberals have lost. And what can we do and how much must we spend to make sure that 10 million jobs are created in the next 24 months!

To raise taxes is a bad thing. So let the Democrats keep preaching more taxes for the rich. Get out of their way. The rich are paying over 50% in taxes. Let’s see if the rich vote for the liberal Democrats if they keep raising the taxes. And the average person already knows that if they raise the taxes on the rich, they will raise the taxes on the middle class as well. Not all of the middle class voters are fools!

The most important thing to a government run by liberals is to keep buying votes by spending taxpayers’ money. The unconstitutional part is that they spend the money of the people who would never vote for them on people who will vote for them. I think the Bostonians called that “taxation without representation”.

As we look back over history it is the liberals who destroyed the economy. By the time Clinton and Carter came along, the pompous politicians thought the American economy was so strong that we didn’t need to spend money on the economy any more. Instead the liberal politicians could spend more money on social programs that don’t create real jobs. They lowered tariffs so we could send our American jobs overseas. The liberals take pride in the fact that they have appointed so many liberal judges to the benches all across America. The burden of their liberal opinions have single handedly destroyed the American Capitalistic economy. It may have created thousands of legal jobs (public sector) but has caused the loss of millions of real jobs in America.

So my dear Republicans get out of the way of the liberals. Let Obama spend billions traveling around the world on almost a daily basis. While pundits complain about a conservative Governor of NJ taking a police helicopter to his son’s baseball game, when will Obama have to pay for all the non-presidential trips he has made on the taxpayer dime? Hopefully by November 2012 the tab will come due!

All that the Republicans need do is point at the liberals and their spending. They want to raise the debt limit by $2 trillion dollars rather then cut their unconscionable spending. Get out of their way! Run ads everyday about their excess spending. Talk about their obsessive and heartless need to raise taxes and cut benefits for the taxpayer. Get out of their way and in just about 19 months you can start to create real jobs in America, we know that the liberals have no desire to do so! They don’t need a job, why should you!


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