Rumsfeld: Was he really Playing Rummy with all those Wars?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Donald Rumsfeld wrote a great book, Known and Unknown. At least it was great because it almost weighs in at 800 pages. Can’t blame him, it takes a lot of work to write a book, might as well only do it once.

Rummy may be the most experienced war expert living today. Unfortunately for Rumsfeld he didn’t come across real well with the public. You can get away with any type of talk when you are addressing the troops and other government workers, but when you are talking through the liberal media, you must be careful. If you appear as though you are looking down at the people and sarcastic in your press conferences it will not go well. Look at what they are doing to Weiner and that’s one of their own!

The liberal media hated President Bush and they were going to try to hang anyone who was associated with him. If you have time read the book of past leaders and try to understand what went wrong, what went right and how can we do better the next time. Like President Bush says, try to leave the place better than when you arrived.

Dr Phil always preached that we fight wars all wrong. We should hire a general and tell him or her, what we want accomplished. Tell them they have so much money to spend and these are our goals and this is our exit strategy and get out of the way if the general accepts the assignment.

One of the biggest problems of the last few wars is that we are not really fighting a country but we are fighting a cause. It’s almost like every war we fight is really a civil war. It’s a civil war in the sense that we are fighting the same people on both sides. But some are normal folks and others are insurgents who are basically terrorists. To make it simple, a terrorist is someone who has no qualm about killing innocent people.

Most people in the loop seemed to have a great deal of respect for the capabilities of Rumsfeld. President Bush didn’t have a problem on calling him to serve the country one more time. Rummy may have offered his resignation to President Bush several times, but the president chose not to accept them. If Rummy wasn’t a great leader and an asset to our country, he would have been long gone.

Rummy did not speak well of Bremer and Powell. Who the hell was Bremer you ask? Bremer was put in charge of running Iraq in the first few years. He seemed to accomplish a few things. He isolated himself and his office from the DoD. He liked to get published in the NY Times. And he managed to piss off most of the people in Iraq.

Most agree that they should have had more forces in Baghdad. In hindsight, the coalition forces assumed that Iraq would take control of things like security in their own capitol. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. And that one single factor may have created the stalemate in Iraq, needing the surge to break the log jam.

Rummy spends a great deal of type discussing the need for more troops. That part gets a little confusing. No body seemed to see a need for more troops. And would more troops end up with just more casualties? It is reasonable to conclude that the upper level commanders would not want more troops because it would be taken as a sign of weakness. But even the mid level commanders saw no need for more troops. This doesn’t seem to add up. But maybe we just need some clarification. Did they need more troops on the ground or did they see it as a need for more support for the troops on the ground. Did they need better intelligence to work as support for the troops and work to bridge the gap between the good people of Iraq and the military?

Taking information from Rumsfeld as written, it may mean that the wars of the future will need a great deal of intelligence on the ground, and a military that is free to win the battle. There is no doubt that America has the greatest military and the greatest resources than any other country. But we seem to shoot ourselves in the foot.

First off we should keep the media away. It is shocking to see how military policy was affected by liberal media in America and else where. It makes no sense to have the media on board. It’s the same media that wants to see America lose the war and clearly that can not be very helpful.

Rumsfeld spoke a bit about Abu Ghraib but again that was the media blowing a minor incident out of proportion. And Rumsfeld also noted that the policy or the lack of policy that allowed Abu Ghraib to occur was never linked to any upper level leaders. It was just a poor mishap due to lack of training and supervision which was blown out of proportion to aid our enemies and hurt President Bush and the Republicans. There was no need to publicize the mishap. It didn’t help our country and it probably didn’t help our relationship with our enemies. Obama ordered the assassinated of an unarmed man. There was no water boarding involved, just a couple of well aimed bullets! Imagine if President Bush did that? Impeachment anyone! Just think, somewhere in a pile of classified documents is the video of Osama being assassinated ordered by a Democrat President!

Another problem is the legal mess that exists in all these American agencies. In other words we have more lawyers and legal opinions then we have troops in the field. The bad news is that it probably costs the taxpayer just as much for the contradictory legal advice. One problem with all these lawyers is that they might not be affiliated with the party in power. And for the most part lawyers are a pain in the butt.

Let’s say you have a discussion on whether enhanced interrogation was torture. This went through all the departments. The military thought it was not their place to use it. Mainly because they needed a policy book or a field manual that could be used by everyone in the military. You wouldn’t want a private in the mess hall water boarding the cook! And this was reviewed by hundreds of lawyers. The DOJ does the same thing; their lawyers decide that the CIA under certain conditions could legally use enhanced interrogation. The CIA has a battery of lawyers; they come to the same conclusion. They divulge this to many members of congress and no objections were raised. This again was reviewed by another thousand lawyers. Do you have any idea how much the legal bill was for one simple exercise? And in the end, even though enhanced interrogation was the most valuable tool used to fight terrorists, wackos like Pelosi who were briefed beforehand decide that it is torture. We have Courts that claim that we must treat enemy combatants also known as terrorists with the same courtesy as those who agree to the Rules of the Geneva Convention.

So at the end of the day the first order of business is to fix the legal system. Get rid of the liberal judges! The next thing you know: They will rule that we are required to give tuition cuts to students who are illegal immigrants. Whoops too late, that one already happened.

In a nutshell we have to stop fighting these wars under the strict scrutiny of the liberal media and liberal judges. It is not fair to this country and anyone who serves this country. We need a central leader of war who is put in charge of the war with certain objectives. Let’s leave the politicians at home. Let the soldiers fight the war. If you want to fight a war with diplomacy, then don’t send in the troops, send in the State department.

Hillary would look great in a helmet!

One of the biggest problems with all wars and decisions is determining what is Known And Unknown. But one of the biggest defects in most of the wars we are involved in is the inability to keep the enemy out of our country as well as the countries we are trying to protect. So the biggest failure seems to be our inability to guard borders. Would America be different if we had secure borders? If we kept the Taliban and Al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan and Iraq, would the wars’ outcomes be different? So why don’t we use our satellite technology to protect the borders and make our lives better? In 2006, 4 million people returned to Afghanistan. Do you think that was a good idea? How many of those folks were our enemies? Maybe we should work to lessen the amount of the Unknown so we can make better decisions about war! The best way to play poker is to see all the cards that your opponents are holding. Who knew Pakistan was hiding our biggest enemy!

Donald Rumsfeld is a very bright and well respected man. He sacrificed a great deal for thecountry and made some great changes. You have to wonder if the war was placed in his hands instead of all the politicians, would the outcome have been different.

If you have a chance, take a look at the book. It promises to give a great incite on what it takes to run a government from the military stand point during wars and natural catastrophes.


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