Will America Continue to be Number 1?

By: Craig Chamberlain

It has long been taken for granted by Americans that this is the most powerful country in the world. We’re the wealthiest, most powerful, most influential, and most culturally relevant. More people would like to live in the United States if they could over any other country. It wasn’t always this way. When the U.S. first gained its independence France and Great Britain were the superpowers of the planet. Will America join them as faded powers with only memories and monuments to sustain our belief that we are a great nation worthy of respect. America’s decline is not inevitable, but it is becoming more and more likely if we keep following the policies of President Obama.

When it comes to President Obama the only arguing point is whether his policies are part of a deliberate campaign to make America weaker, so that it can pay for its perceived sins, or is it part of a general ineptitude within his administration? But when we actually look at everything President Obama has done the only conclusion is that America has gotten dangerously weaker under his watch.

His economic policies from his stimulus spending, his bailouts, Obamacare have all left the country poorer. Our debt is now 14 trillion dollars, an unprecedented amount that we never be able to get out from under. Millions of Americans, by some counts one in eight, are on food stamps, unemployment is 9.1% when we were told that without government intervention unemployment would skyrocket to the unbelievably high rate of 8%. That’s what liberals call prosperity.

Americans are less free since President Obama took over. With more czars that imperial Russia, President Obama has taken to governing the country through executive decree more than any other President. (I’ll support any GOP candidate that is the first to propose a “no czar” law) Even though cap and trade never made it through the Senate, President Obama has ordered the EPA to enforce the rules through executive power and act as if it were the law of the land. Heck, even the Department of Education has a SWAT team under President Obama. Make sure you pay those student loans kids. You never know when Obama’s KGB will come knocking on the door. Then there is the NLRB, which under President Obama’s idea of executive power, has the right to stop a business from relocating to a right to work state. Our lives are controlled by bureaucratic decree rather than by elected officials, or better yet, letting the people run their own lives. If President Obama has his way gas will be $8.00 a gallon, owning an incandescent light bulb will be a class A felony, and we’ll need written permission from the EPA to turn on the air conditioning.

Then there is foreign policy and national security. Here too America has become weaker since President Obama took the oath of office. President Obama sold out the Czech Republic and Poland to the Russians, surrendered a missile shield and signed a new START treaty that forces the US to cut its nuclear arsenal, while allowing the Russians to increase theirs. All of this new pro Kremlin policy has not produced an improvement in relations with Russia, which have been bad ever since Vladimir Putin took over. All we’ve accomplished is to make ourselves look weak, and put our allies at the mercy of a merciless country.

President Obama has proven himself to be an Israel hater. He lays demands and insults on our ally that no other American President has. He demands that Israel cease building “settlements” (in reality they’re suburbs) and withdraw to the 1967 borders. His demands are identical to those of the terrorist Palestinian Authority. His speeches in Cairo, his wanting to talk to Iranian tyrants and siding with the Islamist mob in the streets has not produced pro American sentiment in the Islamic world and has shown Israel, our staunchest ally in the Middle East, that America is not a trustworthy ally.

In military terms we are in a dangerous place. The military is the one government expenditure that the Democrats are willing to cut back on. He cut the F-22 fighters out of the budget. He’s got our forces stretched thin, and in Afghanistan has announced our departure date to the enemy and endangered the entire mission. He’s left our border with Mexico wide open, putting the lives of Americans at risk as cartel violence spreads north. But fear not! Our dear leader is taking care of those dangerous animals in Canada by fortifying our northern border. Whew! That’s a load off the mind. We all know how those Canucks are streaming across the border and making life a living hell for people living along it. No wait… that’s the other border… the one President Obama wants to ignore, and reward illegals with amnesty. He unleashes the full power of the federal government on any state brave enough to try to actually enforce our immigration laws.

He bows and scrapes to every anti American dictator, believing that no one can resist his force of personality, and yet not one foe has been turned into a friend. At the same time he treats allies with a contemptuous condescension, bullying them and alienating them to the point whether we can consider them allies.

In every facet of life America has gotten weaker and most of it has been on President Obama’s watch. This is part of the leftist strategy to take America down, and make it like any other nation so the left can reject the idea of American exceptionalism. Can the course be reversed? Yes, simply vote out President Obama. But the opposite is also true. If the President is reelected the decline will continue and will probably be permanent.

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