Target Stores: The New Union Target?

By: Michael John McCrae

I was happy to read the Associated Press Report on June 18th, 2001 entitled: “New York Target Store Workers Reject Unionization”. The vote was 137-85 to keep Union bosses and liberal democrats out of the pockets of people who do not want to be forced to support a political party.

Of course the Union wasn’t happy about the result; claimed the election fraudulent and said they will appeal to the man they helped put into the oval office “to order another election”. That is the natural tactic of any liberal organization that gets beat down by conservative principle. The union bosses believe they are entitled to a piece of every paycheck that is issued to any worker in any venue.

I can understand the worker’s frustrations. I’m sure the hourly rate for Target employees isn’t very close to the two-digit range. But that is another reason to keep a union from entrenching itself as a bank account third party payee. The story speaks of the rising costs for food and gasoline; in fact the rising costs for everything. It speaks of the minimal raises the Target employees receive and the diminishing hours. Yet, all of that is due to the current, oppressive economic policies of the liberal democrat administration which has proven itself anti-business.

Target and Wal-Mart stores are important for the consumer. Where every other retail chain is suffering loss of revenue, Target and Wal-Mart continue to thrive because they can offer substantial price savings to consumers. If the unions manage to gain their beachhead this will all end. Target and Wal-Mart will be forced to raise prices in line with all other outlets just to stay in business. The unions will demand higher wages (so they can then in turn glean higher union dues) greater benefits (which will cost more to administer), and more work hours.

The danger of bargaining for more work hours is that the stores may have to acquiesce for full time employment for the few over the many. If this one Target Store’s 222 voters are an indication of a regular working compliment; perhaps only 100 of these folks might be kept as full time employees while the other 122 would end up unemployed. Isn’t it better to have 222 part-time workers making some money, than 122 unemployed persons reliant on unemployment checks?

Liberal union democrats cry about the exorbitant salaries of corporate CEO’s and their assistants without bothering to address the similar salaries and benefits of their own union bosses. The union identified in the article was the “United and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500”. The named president of this local was Mr. Bruce W. Both. From an article addressing the top ten unions in America, their earnings and payouts to democrat causes comes this:

“The Center for Public Integrity’s John C. Henry reports:”
“Union: United Food & Commercial Workers
Membership: 1.3 million
Assets: $157 million
The UFCW, whose members work in meatpacking, food processing and retail grocery stores, has 17 headquarters officers and employees who earn over $200,000. The president, Joseph T. Hansen, received $360,737 in pay and benefits in 2009. Of the $1.9 million the union donated to political candidates over the past two years, 99 percent of it went to Democrats. The union drew criticism from members in 2004 for paying outgoing president Douglas Dority $709,000 in salary and benefits and for keeping retired officers on the payroll with six-figure salaries. At the time, more than 250 UFCW employees across the country were being paid more than $100,000.”

Now I am pretty sure Mr. Both is making his six-figure salary and is expecting to retire with his golden parachute. I am sure too, he has made a few promises to the 85 Target employees who voted for the union. Personally, I’m hoping these 85 folks see the disparity between Union bosses and the rank-and-file who pay dues to support huge union salaries and benefits. I also hope these 85 folks see the union exists only to keep socialist democrats in political power. If they then manage to make the correlation between socialist democrats, higher taxes, gas and food prices, and greater national debt due to economic mis-management perhaps the next vote will be 222-0!

I believe the 137 people who voted against membership will be harassed as they become known. But these brave souls should be heralded for saving the jobs of their fellow workers. The costs associated with union membership have caused the bankruptcy of more than one business. If not for the Obama Administration bailing out Chrysler and General Motors, the UAW would have destroyed those businesses. The rank and file membership of the UAW would have been left out in the cold while the union’s bosses walked off into the sunset clutching their contracted “sunset” clauses.

Eventually the UAW will overstep and destroy Chrysler and General Motors. Nothing was truly fixed by the bailout. Pension plans and benefit packages haven’t been modified or changed to increase company profitability and neither organization has paid back a single cent of the original loans. Had those corporation been allowed to fall into bankruptcy they could have had the chance at reorganization and profitability. That would not have suited the UAW, which would have been forced to compromise just to retain dues-paying jobs. Target and Wal-Mart would both be facing similar situations should they permit the unions to begin dictating wages and benefit packages.

I congratulate the 137 individuals who stood up to the union with their “no” votes. I hope the other 85 people realize they’ve dodged that “dues-paying” bullet aimed at their Target Store. The union will not give up. From the article: “In response to the vote, the union planned to begin a campaign called “Target: Democracy” at the company’s other 26 stores in the New York area and will begin coordinating a nationwide campaign with other union locals in major U.S. cities.”

If the union succeeds in this “campaign” It will only be a matter of time until Target falls into unprofitability. Stores will close and jobs will be lost. The union template only benefits union hierarchy and democrat politicians. Of the top ten unions in America representing people in the workforce, only one union president makes less than $200,000.00 in wages and benefits annually. These ten unions all send more than 90 percent of political contributions to democrat candidates for office. The Washington skids get tons of union grease. If you are republican, independent or otherwise politically minded, you are not being represented by any of the top ten unions.

I suppose at one time the “Union Label” meant something. Now it simply means support for liberal socialism. America doesn’t need that.

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