Bachmann can’t Win!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

That doesn’t mean she shouldn’t run. It just means she can’t win. And there is little doubt in Dr. Phil’s mind that she would make a great president! How many folks thought Obama would make a great president? A black man with no experience was going to save the economy. Well we all know how that worked out. He saved GE’s economy and has spent a fortune traveling around the world. But in the end the community organizer just makes jokes about his shovel ready jobs that only materialized in the right side of his liberal mind.

The Democrats also made a tactical error when no one came forward to challenge Obama for his automatic nomination. Now for many months you will hear nothing but Republican candidates tearing apart the liberal president. And let’s face it, is there anything worthwhile that Obama has accomplished. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel. And as long as the economy belongs to the Democrats and it does not get better, anybody could beat Obama. Where’s Nader when we need him!

Congressman Bachmann made a fatal mistake during the last debate. She said:

“I believe in the dignity of life from conception until natural death… . I stand for the right to life. The very few cases that deal with those exceptions are the very tiniest of fraction of cases, and yet they get all the attention.”

This statement alone will become fodder for all the liberals out there. And the standard for this type of rhetoric is much higher for women candidates than men. Governor Palin made an extremely bold statement by not executing her last child. And the liberals went nuts. Could you imagine in this day and age that a woman had a choice and she chose life for her unborn child!

And the liberals feel that if a man makes it then a man should have a right to taketh away. And Dr. Phil does not really have a problem with their right sided thinking. They should just change the term “abortion” to murder or execution. And in some peoples’ minds inconvenience can be a justifiable reason for murder or execution especially if you use the right side of your brain.

One of the Queens of the liberals is Behar. She used to be a funny lady. But she publicly called Congressman Bachmann a “baby killer”. That’s because she voted against some bill that would have provided FREE health care for children.

When Behar and her liberal wackos many who are females learn that Michelle is a very strong, with very few exceptions pro-lifer they will hit her with everything they have. But the Republicans are used to that. But a strong pro-lifer may be problematic to win the election. How could a woman be against abortion! Any liberal knows that ultimately it is the woman and the woman alone who has the right to terminate a pregnancy at least for the first few months!

These liberals went after Sarah Palin with a vengeance. Leno has replaced his President Bush and Clinton attacks with Palin attacks. So at the end of the day, Sarah Palin will be perceived by most as a dumb broad. That could not be further from the truth, but if all the liberals attack in unison, like Alinsky teaches, non-truths become truths at least to the right side of the liberal brain.

Remember Dan Quayle, he was a great man. The liberals attacked him. Do you know his Potato thing was mentioned at least 2 times in the last week. So the point is they never let up.

It’s serves a good purpose to have a woman and a black man running on the Republican platform. Because if they weren’t there, the Republicans would be known as the party of old white guys.

And when you hear liberal women speak of women like Palin and Bachmann, they literally and figuratively hate and despise conservative women. And if you think you can convince them that the economy is more important than abortion, then you need to have your head examined as well.

The liberals couldn’t wait to delve into Governor Palin’s personal emails. And that brings up a another point. Liberals act or behave differently toward non-liberals then liberals. Case in point is Weinergate. This clown should have been drummed out on day one. If this was a conservative the liberal rhetoric would have been much more severe and relentless.

Michelle Bachmann should stay in the race for as long as she can. She is wonderful and gets the conservative points across well. But once she accepts the nomination for president or vice-president, the liberals will attack her from every conceivable angle.

If this was planned well, abortion and gay marriage should be off the table. We have people who are losing their houses because they can’t make the payments. Thanks to the liberal policies of the Democrats. There are many people who can’t find work. Again thanks to the failed liberal policies. Regulations and taxes are killing our businesses.

The Republicans should insist on focusing on strong economical issues that the common man can understand. Leave the distractions like Medicare and abortions at the door.

Michelle Bachmann appears to be a real lawyer who actually practiced law. It’s hard to believe that the Obamas or the Clintons ever practiced law. And we were told that Hillary was one of the greatest female lawyers in the country. The first thing the pundits will do is investigate Bachmann’s client list. She was a tax lawyer and probably had to do some real legal work, not like Obama. If she had any unsavory clients, it wouldn’t be a matter of sending back the campaign contributions like Hillary, it will raise many issues that will be relentless. After all she was only dealing with taxes! In some way the liberals will extend the reach in order to taint Bachmann’s character.

In the end the voter will need to look at experience. There has almost never been a president elected from the House of Representatives. The underlying problem is most house members have little or no experience running the government unless they happen to be the speaker of the house.

One of the most serious selling points of this election will be the lack of experience. Obama had no experience and look what happened. People are making fun of his failed policies. So what right do the Republicans have to put up a candidate with little or no experience? In the end the 2 things that will bring down Obama will be his lack of experience and economical issues like Obamacare.

Common sense tells you that the Republican candidate needs to be someone with experience and is ready to repeal all aspects of Obamacare that are useless and will ruin the economy and our health care.

Unfortunately Michelle Bachmann lacks the experience to be president. Could she do a better job then Obama? Probably any Republican could! But why open the door for attacks due to the lack of experience!

In the end we need a good candidate and a contract that the people will vote for. And we don’t need a contract that pertains to abortions. If you do that, you might see Lady Obama traveling to more parts of the world. Remember when the Clintons came to the end of their term and they traveled around the world to the dismay of their critics. How many more trips will the Obamas plan if they are elected for another 4 years? Global beer summits anyone?


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