Panic Mongers

By: Keith Allison

As usual, the panic mongers are in full force with their “warnings” of how some recently enacted law, order, or statute is depriving us of our constitutional Rights.

First, let’s understand one thing; we do NOT have constitutional Rights. Our Rights come from those granted us by God, not the Constitution. What the Constitution does is guarantee us that those Rights are unalienable, or inalienable, whichever term you prefer.

Also, under constitutional law, there is no such thing as a mere law, act of the legislature, etc. that can delete our God given Rights which again are protected by the Constitution. The only way any of our constitutionally protected Rights may be deleted or “taken away” from us, is through the amending process of the United States Constitution. That’s it folks, read up on our Constitution and the laws formulated under it, and you will find that mere acts of the legislature CANNOT deprive you of any of your Rights, no matter how badly some in the U.S. would prefer you to believe.

As the title of this article states, we have Panic Mongers out there who will do anything in an attempt to drag you kicking and screaming into their protective fold. And in most cases, their sole purpose is to give themselves the appearance of power and/or authority by the numbers of “converts” they can bring into their camp. Of course the money and/or other assets they require you to put in their “safe keeping” adds to this self perceived power. Be they Republican’s, Democrat’s, or sta worshipers, their intent is the same; and that is to build a perceived power base from which they can rule we mere mortals through some fear factor they have dreamed up and placed in what they believe to be our mindless orbs.

Enough said about that, I’ve got to get back to reality and that means raking leaves, picking up the rocks and limbs the grand-kids have broken from the trees and deposited in the yard, then mow the lawn. That’s my level of reality and power base.

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