Republicans and Conservatives Missing the Point on a Smaller Military

By: Guest Authors

By: Mitch Poremba

Being a strong conservative who watches Fox, the Judge on Freedom Watch and listens to “The Great One”, Mark Levin, believe that Republicans and Conservatives have wondered too far in policing the World and Nation Building. I’ve heard Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday say we should be in these different countries, I’ve heard a Republican politician say they we should spread our Democracy to other countries, I’ve heard Mark Levin rant about Ron Paul for his Foreign Policy, which is downsize the military and not be in every country, but Ron Paul also mentioned that us being in every country that in a small way contribute to “9/11”. That really gets Mark Levin mad, but people we need to face the facts and sometimes the truth hurts, so lets look at all of this with common sense and in a logically way (I’m no supporter of Ron Paul).

President Reagan built our military up and help cause the collapse of Russia, but since then we have kept building the military to where we are 6-10 times bigger anyone else in the world, yet we keep building ships and more planes, I do agree that we need to keep up with technology but at what price to our Republic. What President Reagan did to Russia, we are doing to ourselves now, making it bigger and breaking the bank, and we can’t survive on this path.

So let’s go through our foreign policy, policing the world and spreading democracy, here is where I believe Mark Levin, Bill Kristol and others are wrong in their thinking, especially any conservative that believes in limited government yet wants to police the world.

I’ve learned a lot listening to Mark Levin about our Constitution and our Founding Fathers, what our country fought for, Liberty and Freedom. Wasn’t England in our country telling us to live by their rules and taxes in the 1700’s, we fought them for that overreaching power, again in 1812, we didn’t like it, someone invading our country telling us to live by their rules. Pearl Harbor attacked in 1941, but the cherry on the top was the Cuban Missile crisis, we got ticked off with a country putting missiles close to our back yard. If we got ticked off, don’t you think other countries and people would get ticked off with us being in every country, now granted, the way we did it is different, we probably asked some countries if we could and we would provide aid, some countries may have asked us in return for aid, taxpayers money and then we have Presidents forgiving debts to countries. We have to recognize that some countries do not want our democracy and showing our military might will never do it, countries like Russia, China, Africa and most of the Middle East, yet we have a slower, more peaceful way of spreading our democracy, look at China, we have quit a few Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds restaurants there, no matter what you think of fast foods, when people of other countries get a taste of what America is about, the people start changing, it’s slower then military but more peaceful.

So if we as a people got ticked off with England being in our country and missiles being put in Cuba, don’t you think people in other countries would get ticked off with us being there, that is what Ron Paul is saying about contributing to “9/11”, but the deep rooted truth is that the politicians have taken us on a path of policing the world, most of the people in this great land, want their Liberty and Freedom, yet we will help those in NEED around the world.

After one of the debates in 2008 when Ron Paul saying that we shouldn’t have 900 military bases around the world, I heard a politician say that we needed to be in the different countries for our military to get different types of training, are you kidding me, we really do have politicians that don’t think and they went to college. We have in this great country plenty of different types of terrain for our military, the Southeast, the Rockies, Alaska, the lakes and woods on our northern border and the deserts in the Southwest, for jungles we would have to go to South America. Can you imagine what would happen on our southern border if we had a bunch of M1 tanks doing war games, but most important, our men and women of the military would be closer to their homes and families?

Another fact that would help our economy, after one of those debates in 2008, I watched a National Geographic show on one of our aircraft carriers, their research stated that even though the aircraft carrier was powered by nuclear, that the US military uses 70% of the oil that is imported in this country. If we brought home the majority of troops from different countries and not build so many ships, one can only imagine how much oil we would save and help our economy, if we could get the military down to 40%-50% of oil imported, the BILLIONS saved would also start on the path of not getting so much oil from overseas, if we produced more of our own, the U.S. could really lower our imports, meaning those countries not friendly to us , wouldn’t be getting as much of our money as they do now.

To conclude, to those conservatives that believe in limited government, which also means the military and not policing the world.

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