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June 18, 2011

Goshen College Declares War on National Anthem

Filed under: Education & Schools,In The News - 18 Jun 2011

Officials at Goshen College, a Mennonite college in Indiana, have banned the use of the Star-Spangled Banner during sporting events. The reason school officials gave for the ban was that America’s National Anthem was deemed too violent. Specifically, according to …

Brits create new crime fighting agency

The United Kingdom this week unveiled its own version of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation which the Home Office named the National Crime Agency (NCA). However, when viewing the U.K.’s new agency, it’s more like Her Majesty’s Secret Service …

Things Gleaned From The CNN Republican Debate

Filed under: J.J. Jackson's Opinion,The Republicans - 18 Jun 2011

As I sat Monday night, pen and paper in hand, marking my impressions of the responses given by the various GOP contenders for President as they were asked questions, I took some things away from the debate that I would …

Politically Correct Washington Supreme Court Overturns Murder Conviction

In 2007, Kevin L. Monday Jr. was convicted for the murder of Francisco Green and received 64 years in prison.  The incident had been caught on a 3-minute video recording shot by a street performer, and the footage clearly showed …

June 17, 2011

Refuting Obama’s Horrific Attack on Small Business

Our favorite restaurant fell by the way side and closed. Mary and I saw a new sign on the building and pulled our car at the entrance to see if they were open for business. The new owner, a middle …

Keep your Stinking Hands off my Social Security and my Medicare!

You have to hand it to the Republicans. They are not thinking with the right side of their brain. There are 2 words that Americans do not, never, absolutely do not want to hear from their crooked politicians and they …

Why 2012 May Be Starkly Different From 1996

Ever since the elections of 2010, the propagandists of the left have been proclaiming America’s shift back to the “middle,” meaning away from the fervent conservatism that undergirded last fall’s landslide. Sadly, even some on the right have accepted such …

June 16, 2011

NC and Texas May Join Growing List of States Fighting Illegal Immigration

Filed under: Immigration - 16 Jun 2011

ALIPAC’s national network of activists is contacting lawmakers in Texas and North Carolina today to ask them to stand with the more than 80% of Americans who want immigration enforcement measures designed to protect American jobs, taxpayer resources, voting rights, …

Chris (“Hardbutt”) Matthews: Just Another Way To Spell “Stupid”

Chris Matthews has a television show. This MSNBC puke-fest entitled “Hardball” allows Mr. Matthews his opportunity to show his liberal stripes to all of the 700,000 or so liberal morons who tune into his egoistic Catholicism and general idiocy each …

A Case For Cain

Upon the election of Obama, Al Sharpton was asked, “Will the election of a black president confirm that America is no longer a racist country?” In a nutshell, Sharpton replied “No”.

June 15, 2011

Food Fascism Lays Groundwork For Additional Control

Wonder what the food fascists advocating dietary asceticism scarfed down as children. As anyone that has sat through an evangelistic missionary testimonial knows, those griping the loudest about your errant ways are usually the ones that could make a sailor …

The Economy Is Not a Poem

Filed under: Economics,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 15 Jun 2011

Last week I promised to explain in a few short columns the social science of economics — the discipline that describes how everything gets done among all the human beings on earth.

Dalai Lama: “I am a Marxist”

There is no better way to proclaim your lack of spiritual and philosophical depth than by, two decades after the fall of communism, disclosing that you’re Marxist.  Yet this is precisely what Buddhist spiritual leader the Dalai Lama did during …

June 14, 2011

Palestine – An Arab West Bank Is A Lost Cause

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 14 Jun 2011

The 44th Anniversary of the Six Day War occurred this week on 5 June 1967.

It is therefore opportune to recall some of the significant events that led to Jordan’s loss of the West Bank in that War ending 19 …

The China Model: Looking at Population Control

By: Colin Mason

On March 9, 2009, I found myself sitting in a modest concrete farmhouse, deep inside the labyrinthine network of rural farming villages that make up Lipu County, China. Warm, clear sunlight streamed in the house’s open back door, …

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