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July 1, 2011

How much is the Oil coming from the Strategic Reserve going to cost us, again?

Filed under: In The News - 01 Jul 2011

Obama released 30 million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR). This could be problematic at many different levels. To start with why was this discussed behind closed doors and not allowed to be in a public …

Union Thugs

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 01 Jul 2011

Aerospace company Boeing competes with European-owned Airbus in building and selling commercial jetliners.

Weiner incident highlights moral apathy

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner did something morally commendable–he finally decided to resign his office. In this piece I will make no attempts to pile more contempt or ridicule on the already disgraced Weiner, nor will I try to …