Our Great, Intelligent, and “Wonderful” Leaders

By: Keith Allison

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve come to the conclusion that our great, intelligent, and wonderful leaders all need to be put out to pasture; preferably in someone else’s sand-pile or back yard.

Just stop and think about this for a few minutes: Can you imagine what would happen if you or I attempted to foist off on the public the nonsense we, the general public, are required to deal with?

We have the Right through Freedom of Choice, to smack our heads against a brick wall while claiming we can knock that wall down with our bare brow. We have the freedom to get into a boxing ring and go at each other tooth and nail, all while knocking any common sense out of our heads that we may have once possessed. We can use any sort of vehicle such as a car, truck, motor-cycle, bicycle, or even roller skates and come screaming down a hill, hit an elevated ramp, and attempt to leap over whatever obstacle we determine needs to be jumped over. And as mindless as it may seem to some, we also have the freedom to hook on a parachute, climb into an airplane and soar to ten or fifteen thousand feet and jump out. Of course those of such inclination each hope the parachute will slow down their fall back to mother earth, but if it fails to open, the “jumper” died an unfortunate death because the parachute failed to deploy properly.

Yes my friends, all of the above we are “allowed” to do with little, if any, government interference. Yes sir, that’s really freedom. But, if we are presumed to be intelligent enough to determine our chances of surviving any of the above events, why aren’t we given credit for having enough sense to determine what sort of light bulb we want to use in our own homes? No, we aren’t allowed to continue using the tried and true incandescent light bulb invented by Thomas Edison. Nooooo, our benefactors in government are demanding we toss out Edison’s invention and use a “new” lighting fixture which if broken in the house, will either kill you or cost tens of thousands of dollars to clean up the residue from the inside of the light bulb. We can even swallow swords and knives for fun or entertaining others if we decide to.

Along with those I’ve listed above, there are undoubtedly hundreds upon thousands of other methods government has approved of that we can use to further abuse our bodies and brains. For instance, we can drink ourselves into stupors whenever we wish, we can smoke cigarettes with reckless abandon, as well as adle our brains with any number of hallucinatory drugs our illustrious leaders are bent upon legitimizing for our daily use and/or pleasure.

While our potential for self destruction appears all but endless, there is one thing we are forbidden to do, and that is to occupy a position in an automobile traveling down our highways and by-ways without benefit of being strapped into place with a seat belt.

I believe the mentality of our government overseers are missing a few nuts and bolts, and each and every one of them needs to be put in padded cells.

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