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July 5, 2011

Is This Parental Failure, Police Failure, Societal Failure or Just Thugs?

According to Attorney General Eric Holder “we are a nation of cowards” when it comes to matters of race. He would not pursue the New Black Panthers for intimidation of voters nor has he weighed in on any of the …

Chesterton’s Stars & Stripes

Filed under: History - 05 Jul 2011

Among those doing excellent work on G. K. Chesterton is Joseph Pearce, the brilliant Brit who is a scholar at Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida. Pearce, like Dale Ahlquist, is unearthing all sorts of gems from Chesterton’s writings.

Michele Bachmann Shows How To Engage Media

Filed under: Featured Conservative,The Republicans - 05 Jul 2011

Let the pretenders continue with their platitudes about the general sincerity of Fox News reporter Chris Wallace and the “unintentional” nature of his recent insult to Michele Bachmann. Only the hopelessly naive will buy any of it. What viewers witnessed …