Never Forget

By: William P. Frasca

Our President, the Honorable Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” proves that a self centered, conceited, arrogant, “know it all” human being can go far in American politics. Imagine Barack Hussein Obama, re-elected as President of the United States? Could we possibly have a bigger shovel? Is there anyone in his Party that has the courage to attack the subterranean statue quo, by announcing their candidacy? Even the second worst President we ever had the displeasure of electing, Jimmy Carter had competition in his re-election with Ted Kennedy.

Have the Democrats actually placed all their eggs in one basket, losing all self esteem and creditability, by announcing to the world that their National leadership capabilities have become completely inept and diminished into oblivion?

Are they really relying on their 2008 Presidential election tactics, strategy and maneuverability towards the racial consciousness of white America, using the boring repetitious ills of the past, by offering a sacrifice of forgiveness at the alter of social and political correctness? Will they fall into the same trap of proving their non-racist existence by looking into the color of his skin? Instead of evaluating his sub-par management and guidance that manufactures a regressive Socialistic atmosphere.

Key points relating to his ideology are tolerances pertaining to only certain liberal acceptances of selective religions The redistribution of wealth, anti big and small businesses, “except for his friends”, blaming America first, placing road blocks and detours in our production of on all fossil fuels, ignoring the unemployed, inflation and recession, unsecured boarders, failed foreign polices, illegal aliens, bowing, humiliating, incompetent Federal Secretaries, Czars, Commissioners, Directors, and Supreme Court Justices. But the most despicable unconscionable action is using our brave military as political pawns? Will the electorate completely ignore all these past and present failures that he endorsed and authorized during his tenure as leader of the free world?

Are they really betting the farm that a combination of mandatory liberal empty headed, lack of intelligence, arm twisting, blind obedience will save them? Are they hoping that entitlements, social economic fear by portraying the Conservatives as evil uncompassionate monsters will have an everlasting negative impact? Will their lies, innuendoes, fabrications, government ownership over our lives, by swaying the uninformed, the clueless, and the unconcerned, including the undeserving social leeches, authorizing the sale of America, guarantee their victory? Are they actually undermining our intelligence by claiming forced control is the only thing that will bring us prosperity because we are too ignorant and stupid, to rule ourselves?

Believe it or not there are still individuals that will protect his status, his actions, his reactions his complacency, his vacations, anytime anyplace, no matter how foolish, idiotic and incompetent, even if it cost them their freedoms and our Country’s survival? These unstable political social hacks and control freaks have the audacity to use the same old ineffective race card, as a defense, to hide his idiocies.

The zombie minority is always ready, willing and able to come out of the woodwork every four years, to support, vote, and elect, “no matter how many times they can”? Remember the old saying vote early and often, for their man or woman. The Unions also have a great deal at stake after taking numerous hits in certain State Governments, which had considerably reduced their powers in controlling their base, with a little Benedict Arnold from their fair weather friends, the Socialist Liberal Democratic Party. They need, “The Chosen One’s” help and assistance in keeping their hopes alive for survival.

His accomplishments, on their own merits, are slim to none. He speaks a good game by having the ability to divide, dice and slice our beloved Country into a hostile aggressive mood of separation. He has not only split the populous into different categories, but he also has the uncanny ability to falsely accuse certain groups and organizations for our economical downfall. Instead of uniting, he is the “Master of Division”.

His shadow boxing vendetta against all forms of Capitalism, especially singling out all supporters of the Constitution as an enemy to all his social programs was a clever mockery and ploy of our intelligence. While all eyes were on the true American patriots he went through the back door using all forms of non-transparency. Don’t question anything for fear of being called a racist? It was also a well developed manipulation, using the clueless Socialist, Marxist Liberal Democratic Party and the Progressives as pawns to do his bidding.

We are well aware there were questionable deals, payouts, and paybacks generously made during his reign of absolute power that turned the Democratic Party into gluttonous pirates, especially with all the holdouts of Obamacare, buying their votes? Usually in all aspect of the federal government usually has Peter not only paying Paul, but Paul is also offered two or three positions for his support and loyalty?

Don’t think, that these extreme measures will stop there? Are we so naive as to think that these changes in health benefits, creating a sub-standard cost effective atmosphere won’t overflow into the private sector, undermining human preservation?

Mr. President, don’t incorrectly blame American ideology and our aggressive intelligential ingenuity to achieve greatness as the leaders of the world. You unfairly label it as extreme selfishness that created all our dilemmas. You, your processors and all members of Congress, together with the Senate, past and present must look into the mirror, there you will find the real culprits?

You have absolutely no right or legitimacy to cast the first stone. America, American law and the American people should be your primary goal, not the criminals who enter our shores illegally or any foreign country. We need our own tax dollars to stay at home, and not your whole hearted endorsement of anointing ourselves as the leader of World Socialism.This is our money and must help the us to rebuild and to improve our own living conditions, and infrastructure.

Your egotistical philosophies of constantly undermining our disastrous economy, by compounding the negatives, must be corrected, by all peaceful Constitutional means for our future. Your egotistical self proclaimed vanity has contributed to the disease and your malicious arrogance is definitely not the cure.

Fortunately for the future of our Country, most Americans, including the silent majority are waiting for the next Presidential election, to rectify the serious mistake they made. Hopefully they will not have any memory loss or the slightest case of amnesia. Voter apathy must be defeated. They must see right through his smiling personality of deception. Freedom, Capitalism, the Constitution, The Fag, and our entire God given Alienable Rights must be etched within all our hearts. We must all be proud to stand up and never feel ashamed to call ourselves Americans. Never yielding to any or all our enemies foreign or domestic. We must shout with our loudest voices without any malice or fear, using these sacred fantastic blessed words “In God We Trust”. God Bless America!

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