Barack Hussein Obama and Unions: Tarnished Wedding Bells

By: Michael John McCrae

President Barack Hussein Obama is a failure. His own economic team has reported that each “saved” job over the course of all his “stimulus” cost an average of $273,000 dollars to “save”. Of the many jobs supposedly saved, the vast majority were government related public sector jobs. As everyone knows, public sector jobs are not productive jobs. They do nothing to improve the American economy other than by the tax revenue returned to the government. It is simple redistribution of money from one hand of government to another.

With that report shares the fact that a mere 400 people who work directly in White House operations have a secured annual payroll in excess of $37 million dollars. It is a wonderful thing to own employment in Obama’s socialist utopia! Can you imagine how many poor folks could benefit if Obama’s White House staff sincerely believed in “redistribution”? Would Barack Hussein Obama be willing to distribute his staff payroll equally among those working at the White House? I sincerely doubt he would be willing to cut his own salary of $400,000 to ensure “equity of income”.

Then there is today’s report from by James Rosen entitled: “Unions Wedded To — But Wary Of — Obama In 2012” where we learn that unions “spent close to $100 million in 2010” to get their pet Democrats elected into positions that would benefit union plans for “Card Check” and improved benefit packages paid for by other-than-union taxpayers. If it were up to unions, everyone in America would be paying dues to some union thug president able to set his own six-figure salary, ride in his corporate jet, visit the White House unencumbered, set health care policies union members did not have to pay for and direct his union friendly, puppet president into signing off on union tax exemptions and laws that forbid private companies to escape to “Right to Work” states like South Carolina.

When Barack Hussein Obama was running for the high office, he was not ashamed to declare himself “one of you” to the SEIU. It is very true that Obama is “one of them”. He sits as President of the nation; making $400,000 a year off the backs of American taxpayers. He ignores the six-figure salaries of union presidents; declaring anyone else making $250,000 or more fair game for tax increases. This attitude only emboldens the union bosses to greater greed. From the article: “AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told the National Press Club on May 20: “You can be a friend and make a mistake once in a while. And we forgive you for that mistake. The difference is this: that we’re not going to spend precious resources helping candidates that don’t stand up and help us.”

That is a very brash admission of quid-pro-quo. The unions will spend $100 million or more if they get the preferential treatment they believe they deserve for their loyal support of Democrats. The “help” unions expect is from the passage of “Card Check”. The unions also expect governmental pressure on private corporations to allow the unions to solicit every American worker to join a union. Still, if there is any resistance by a private corporation or the workers, the unions want carte blanch to “bully” that resistance into submission. Mr. Trumka is upset that Obama’s Democrat Congress hasn’t paid off his loyalty.

From the article: “I have a message for some of our ‘friends,’” Trumka reportedly told another Beltway audience last month, sharpening his tone. “For too long, we have been left after Election Day holding a canceled check, waving it about [and saying] ‘Remember us? Remember us? Remember us?’ – asking someone to pay a little attention to us. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a snootful of that s—.”

I would feel bad for Mr. Trumka if he wasn’t already a very rich man who, in his abject greed, wasn’t signaling his desire to purchase a new corporate jet. His AFL-CIO salary apparently will not allow him to live in the luxury he believes he’s entitled to. It is sad that his union affiliates spent so much money for so little Democrat support. Would someone please pay attention to Mr. Trumka? After all he is at the White House most every day trying to help the President understand that acceding to union demands is still the best way to launder campaign cash.

The dissatisfaction of the unions hasn’t escaped the notice of Vice President Joe Biden. From the article: “Let me put it this way,” Vice President Biden told a Teamsters audience in Las Vegas…, after raising the prospect that some rank-and-file members might vote Republican. “Don’t come to me if you do! You’re on your own, jack!” That warning followed numerous veiled expressions of displeasure with the White House and congressional Democrats voiced by top union executives in recent weeks.”

Now how does that sound? Are all union members democrats? I know that 90 percent or more of all union dues designated for political action go to democrat causes and candidates. As one who was forced by circumstances to join a union when I needed a job I can tell you that when I wanted my dues designated for Bush over Gore during the 2000 election cycle, my union representative threatened to have me fired. I know there are members of unions who are Republican. I also know the individual rights of Republicans and Independents are never above those of the union socialist leadership that only supports Democrats and sympathetic RINO’s.

So the Vice President of the United States can threaten the union rank and file to vote Democrat or face losing what little White House support they are getting. You should read the article.

It is my personal hope that Obama will continue his pattern of failure. America is not a socialist country. America is a successful country and will continue to succeed with capitalist and free market operations. Unions have proven detrimental to economies at local, state, and federal levels; taking millions of dollars in benefits while returning nothing in American productivity. Some Republican Governors are beginning to reverse these trends by forcing the unions to pay for small percentages of their largess. These governors are balancing their budgets without having to raise taxes. Even New York’s Governor Cuomo is taking the hint.

The socialist influence of unions in the White House cannot be denied. President Barack Hussein Obama is “one of them”. He has been “wedded” to the unions in a marriage of mutual compensation that has left the American economy in tatters. The American people should have a choice of employment opportunities. No person should be forced into a union and bullied into contributing to the extravagant lifestyles of union presidents and democrat politicians.

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