Our Liberties Under Siege

By: Craig Chamberlain

The main tenet of progressivism, socialism, or whatever you want to call it, is that the state, not the citizen should be in control. Nothing can exist outside of the state and anything that tries to must be regarded as a threat and smashed with every weapon the state has at its disposal. Don’t believe me? Take a look around. Our constitutional freedoms are under assault by the left because they view those freedoms as checks on their power.

Take gay marriage as just one example. The left would insist that its support for gay marriage is born of nothing by sympathy for the poor, persecuted, homosexual community. Please. Anyone looking at how homosexuals are portrayed in the media would be hard pressed to call these people persecuted. Want to see real hatred and persecution? Look at how the media portrays Christians. The left doesn’t care about gay people. The left only cares about power and they see gay people as a means to that end.

It’s not about gay marriage, it’s about all marriage. There’s marriage, and then there is the redefinition of marriage. If marriage can be redefined for the unions of homosexuals then there is no logical reason why marriage can’t be redefined over and over again. And we must ask ourselves why do we want to redefine marriage in the first place? Is it because there is some great groundswell of demand to change a system that goes back thousands of years? The clear answer is no. In 31 opportunities to vote on marriage the people have spoken, in all 31 votes, to leave marriage as it is. Even in liberal states like Maine, Washington, and California, the people prefer marriage to be between one man and one woman.

No, the issue isn’t gay rights, they already have their rights. The issue is power. The left wants the state to have even more power. So why try to change marriage for power? They have long identified family and religion as two forces that stand in their way. After all a person is more likely to be more loyal to family or God than he is to some nameless, faceless government official.

The left has been waging war on these two things for the better part of a century, and sadly they’ve been pretty effective at it.

Religion and family stand in the way of the left so they must be attacked. Abortion, the sexual revolution, no fault divorce, single parenthood, and the hook up culture were all advocated with the explicit purpose of undermining the cohesion of the family, loyalty to the family, and even the definition of what a family is. Religion has undergone the same onslaught. New theologies, new “Historical” Jesus, depictions of people of faith(especially Christians) in an extremely negative light, and the “new atheism” are all part of driving religion even further out of the public view.

Gay marriage is just another weapon to attack these two institutions. Family is now a largely subjective term that can mean anything people want it to mean. It can now be two men raising children, two women raising children, a woman raising children on her own, or in many cases it has nothing to do with children or marriage at all. If a person wants to think of themselves and their pet parakeet as a family most people would let them go right ahead and think that. If marriage and family can mean anything then it really means nothing, and that’s the way the left wing wants it.

Religion, freedom of religion, is under attack by the left under the banner of gay marriage. Don’t believe me? Just look to New York. The gay marriage bill only passed when a religious exemption was added to the legislation. Yet already gay activists and the New York Times(pardon the redundancy) are demanding that the exemption be removed from the bill. You see in their mind religion only has what rights the state says it has. Churches, Synagogues, or Mosques that refuse to marry homosexuals should be forced to or have their tax exempt status revoked, or they shouldn’t be allowed to perform any marriages at all, and everyone would be forced to get married in a secular, civil ceremony.

For the left it’s win-win. Either they force religion under government control, or they chase religion completely from the public sphere. And if you think that it can’t happen here think again. Ten years ago no one would have thought that any state would allow gay marriage now its in 6 states, plus D.C. and they won’t stop until they get the federal government to nationalize the practice.

This is just one example and the latest. But it doesn’t stop with religion or family, and gay marriage isn’t their only weapon. Our freedom of speech is under attack through speech codes, and the “fairness doctrine” our second amendment rights are under constant attack by the left who want to ban the private ownership of firearms. It’s when we get complacent, and convince ourselves that it can’t happen to us, that our freedoms come under attack and get taken away.

The American citizen must be on guard and demand that the government mind its own business. It should also be obvious that the left – the Democratic party- cannot be trusted with power any longer and in order to preserve our freedoms they must be voted out of office. The American people should take advantage of that opportunity in 2012.

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