Land of the Un-Free; Home of the Gay!

By: Michael John McCrae

With the recent court ruling declaring “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” unconstitutional and the Obama Administration deciding not to defend former President Clinton’s “Defense of Marriage Act” one might suggest that Bill Clinton wasn’t a very good president when it boiled down to moral judgment. Such is to be expected from a serial philanderer I suppose.

The homosexual floodgates have been opened. Gay activists and their bags of rainbow glitter are securing the spotlight; forcing the 97 percent of the heterosexual population to pander to the 3 percent of the sexually confused, morally bankrupt minority.

Columnist Phyllis Schlafly comments in her recent column: “Obnoxious Classroom Curricula” “Students in all grades at Oakland, California’s Redwood Heights Elementary School were given two days of gender diversity lessons designed to teach them that gender is not confined to the “binary concept” of two options. The lessons promoted “gender neutrality,” the concept that no distinctions between male and female should be legally allowed.”

For a community of people who have chosen to live against nature, the courts are the venue of forced attitude change, the public school systems are their message platform of forced indoctrination and their pro-gay president is their selected front-man for national legitimacy.

Homosexuals are not content with an American Constitution that only grants them equal individual freedom to live as they’d like. They need a Constitution that grants them special rights to their chosen brand of sexuality; largely so they can feel better about themselves. The American voting population has voted over and over again to disallow the immoral minority from spreading its propaganda that homosexuality is a good thing. The fact that homosexual rates of HIV infection and AIDS are still much higher for gays than heterosexuals might indicate to anyone paying attention that homosexuality isn’t necessarily healthy no matter how many condoms are used.

Now, the State Assembly of California has voted a bill; going before Governor Jerry Brown that will “mandate” even more public school homosexual indoctrination. The party-line vote was 49-25 for a bill that”… adds lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as well as people with disabilities to the list of groups that schools must include in the lessons. It also would prohibit material that reflects adversely on gays.” (Read: “Bill Mandating Gay History in Schools Goes to Calif. Governor”, Associated Press, 5 July 2011)

In other words the curriculum will be entirely one-sided and extremely “gay” friendly. There will be no mention of how the AIDS epidemic began with homosexuals, was spread throughout the “bath-house” circuit through unprotected homosexual sex and when, upon reaching epidemic proportion, the homosexual population begged the heterosexual population for billions of dollars in research to save their immoral lifestyle from extinction.

It is not hard to understand why America has lost its leadership in education. American public school education no longer consists of American History, but a hodgepodge of special interest subjects mostly incidental to the founding of the greatest nation on earth; each skewed to emphasize American failure. Children who manage to remain in high school through graduation are not proficient in reading or math skills required for college entry. Many inner-city school districts experience drop-out rates nearing fifty percent.

If homosexuals want their special interests taught then why don’t they develop their own special interest academies, get their own special interest teachers and professors and offer their own special interest diplomas? Isn’t that what a Muslim Madrassa is all about? Isn’t that what Catholic School is all about? Give the homosexuals all the freedom in the world to charge exorbitant tuitions to teach all the homosexual subjects they want to homosexuals and anyone else interested in homosexuality. The 97 percent of the population who hold morality above sexual depravity should not have to have their children suffer hours of public school GLBT indoctrination. Let the free market decide. Hell, you can even offer vouchers.

Homosexuals want special rights? By all means; let them pay for them like every other special interest group. Mandating homosexuality taught in public schools is not freedom. It is tyranny.

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