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July 15, 2011

Panetta’s Iraq visit reveals his lack of knowledge

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 15 Jul 2011

During his first official visit to Iraq as U.S. Secretary of Defense, the former CIA director Leon Panetta told Iraqi government officials that their defense forces including their border guards must do more to stop Iranian infiltration and weapons smuggling …

Educating Illegal Border Jumpers

Filed under: Education & Schools,Immigration - 15 Jul 2011

The Associated Press article was: “Teachers in middle of debate over immigrant kids” dated 6 July 2011. Which begins: “When an award-winning journalist recently revealed he’s an illegal immigrant, two of the key players in his tale turned out to …

Barack Obama Throws Class Warfare Tantrum to Get the Debt Ceiling Raised

If giving a speech entails fixating a microphone and teleprompter in front of a mollycoddled, petulant adolescent, who in turn uses the microphone and teleprompter to propel accusations and prevarications because he can’t have his way, then Barack Obama and …