Websites Launched to Support Obama Impeachment & Protests


ALIPAC is launching two new website projects to help inform the public of President Obama’s impeachable actions, while organizing Americans to lobby the Congress and protest if necessary.

The first website is a new Facebook page entitled Impeach President Obama and it is located at

Americans who use Facebook are encouraged to join this page and share it with others. Important news and updates are posted there daily.

The second website is located at where there is an online petition that people can sign to show their support for the resignation, impeachment, and/or charges against President Obama.

The two main driving issues behind ALIPAC’s call for Obama’s impeachment are the Gun Walker Fast and Furious scandal which Congressional investigations have determined the US Justice Department under Obama, was supplying thousands of assault rifles to invading cartel smugglers. These guns have been used to murder untold numbers of American and Mexican citizens and police.

Current investigation status indicates that the highest levels of the Justice Department were involved with this scandal, that US tax dollars were used to fund the gun purchases, and that Obama is standing by those who transported the guns.

“Americans are shocked that the Obama administration has been caught red-handed arming drug and illegal alien smuggling invasion groups inside the US and Mexico, while openly calling for restrictions on American gun rights,” said William Gheen. “While many Americans just want to see him resign like Nixon, others want him impeached, and many want him charged with treason due to the militaristic level of this betrayal, the loss of life, and the threat to national security.”

Obama has also been caught attempting to establish an illegal and unconstitutional form of Amnesty via executive fiat. A memo has been issued by Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Chief John Norton which orders federal employees to engage in policies not authorized by the Congress. In fact, the directives mirror the Dream Act Amnesty legislation which the public and Congress have defeated eight times in the last few years.

“We now have direct evidence that President Obama is attempting to operate like a dictator by trying to order Amnesty for illegals, while directly funding organized crime syndicates with tax dollars and elite weapons,” said William Gheen. “Obama is an enemy to the Constitution of the United States and the American public, and Congress must act quickly and decisively to restore constitutional governance in America. It is time to impeach President Barack Hussein Obama.”

For more information about these scandals and the effort to impeach Obama, or to get involved and show your support, please visit…

Impeach Obama Page on Facebook

Impeach Obama Petition and Protests Website

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