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July 18, 2011

Gay Marriage: Cambridge, Massachusetts Pays Stipends to Gay Couples

Filed under: In The News,Politics In General - 18 Jul 2011

As reported by Johanna Kaiser in the Associated Press, the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has decided to pull $33,000 in city funds to pay stipends to city employees who are currently in a homosexual marriage. The rationale behind the redistribution …

Will We Protect Our Freedoms?

Ask yourself a simple question: Am I as free today as I was on the day I was born? If you think about it and answer the question honestly you’ll probably answer “no.” In my rather short life I’ve seen …

MediaMatters Takes another Shot at Stirring Up Anti-Truth Outrage

It really is a shame when a media watchdog has a twisted nose that mistakes putrescence for floral aroma – and vice versa.  In a piece published Monday, self-proclaimed media watcher MediaMatters (MM) criticizes Fox News for running