Will We Protect Our Freedoms?

By: Craig Chamberlain

Ask yourself a simple question: Am I as free today as I was on the day I was born? If you think about it and answer the question honestly you’ll probably answer “no.” In my rather short life I’ve seen things that people did without thinking about them, taking them for granted, and have now seen them come under government control. Every year the state encroached more and more on our personal liberties and says that taking them away is for the common good. And for the most part we grumble a little bit, but in the end we meekly submit to the whims of the leviathan.

In my grandfathers day you could buy firearms through the mail. Today you have to fill out a forests worth of paper work and wait five days before you’re allowed to exercise your second amendment rights. And there was less crime too. Imagine that, more freedom to keep and bear arms meant fewer violent crimes. Instead, the government stepped in, and declared that it was too dangerous for individuals to have easy access for guns. Now we have waiting lists, and don’t kid yourselves, the left wants to go further. They want gun licensing, and an eventual ban on handguns.

Fifteen years ago you could have any kind of toilet you wanted. Now, you can only buy the low-flow toilets mandated by the federal government. Once again, the common good, the need to save water, was cited as the excuse for this government intrusion. Have we saved any water? The old toilets used three gallons, the low flow toilets only one. But the flush is so weak that many times you have to flush more than once anyway.

It used to be that when you wanted to buy a light bulb you simply went to the store and bought a package of them. Now out benevolent overlords have taken it upon themselves to ban the incandescent light bulb. It’s all for the good of the environment of course. The fact that the companies that make the new light bulbs have close ties to the government have nothing to do with it, nope nothing to see here move along people. Now the American people are forced(forced!) to buy a light bulb that costs more, doesn’t illuminate as well and requires a professional haz-mat team if they break. Would someone please tell me how a light bulb filled with mercury is in any way better for the environment?

It used to be that the freedom of speech meant just that. If you wanted to say something, you could say it. If you wanted to write a letter to the editor you could write it. Now try saying something “politically incorrect” on a university campus and not getting hauled into the deans office, forced to take sensitivity classes, if you’re not outright expelled. The left pushed hate crime legislation through, and in many places they have hate speech rules. Criticize the wrong victim group and you’re in a lot of trouble. It’s worse in Canada and Europe than it is here but the left likes what it sees. Then, of course, there is the “fairness doctrine” this Orwellian rule is designed for one reason. To silence dissent and opposition in the media. The left doesn’t like to have to debate their points and they don’t like it when the peasants speak up.

Then there is Obamacare. Now, thanks to the great wisdom of Washington, you have to buy health care. Have to. As in forced, or compelled. If you fail to buy this health insurance you can face prison time. Now, I’m not breaking any news here. We know all of the details of this monstrosity. The outrage, the affront to liberty, is the fact that they would even try such a thing in the first place. When the founders were writing the constitution they didn’t think that health care was any of the governments business. Now, the government thinks that everything is its business. It’s their business what kind of light bulbs you use, what kind of food you eat, whether you smoke, whether you use birth control, whether you drive a hybrid or a diesel. They think that everything concerns them. And with every new concern some freedom is taken away. If you must have health insurance you’ve lost the right to say no.

The left doesn’t want to stop there are more and more intrusions that they are constantly dreaming up. Sixty years ago no one would have dreamed that it would be against the law for school children to say a prayer or to display the ten commandments. The lefts jihad against Christianity is still going on. You have the right to your religion as long as no one as can see it. God help you if you say “Merry Christmas,” or “God bless you” why that’s just offensive.

And of course the left wants to control your family.The Journal of the American Medical Association has released a study, written by Lindsey Murtagh, and Dr. David Ludwig in which they advocate taking “obese” children away from their parents and putting them in government care so they can lose some weight. Sit back and think for a moment before the Stalinist horror of this proposal sinks in. If the government thinks your kid is fat(and they have very strong definitions of who is fat. Under their current definitions, everyone is) they should have the right to take children from their homes, break up families, because they think it’s in the public good to make kids thinner. Could most people stand to lose weight? Sure. Does that give the government the right to even consider such a measure? Absolutely not. True the government is doing this, YET. Give them a little more time and they’ll say that it’s in the public good to take children away. The fact that this is even being considered should tell people that our freedoms are eroding fast.

Parents would be justified in using violence on government agents who come to take their kids because they had one too many candy bars. Maybe that’s the only thing that will get the jack boots in Washington to back off on their never ending plans to extend the state to the point of controlling everything they can.

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