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July 19, 2011

Palestine – Quartet Misses The Beat

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 19 Jul 2011

The utter futility inherent in pursuing the two- state solution – the creation of a 22nd Arab State between Israel and Jordan – was brought home this week when the most powerful negotiating team ever assembled in history …

America’s ‘Other’ Rising Deficit – Which we also can’t afford

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 19 Jul 2011

Is America merely a Plutocracy that can be whipped into line by juggling the wealth or as the Obama administration supposes; redistributing the wealth, raising the debt ceiling? Oh, that it were all that simple.

Americans Without Chests

As Americans prepared to mark the birth of their country with the usual outpouring of celebratory events, pundits on the political right were scratching their heads over President Obama’s most recent comment about America’s free-enterprise system.

The Black Code: Why Obama Still Owns The Black Vote

Despite an unprecedented 39% of Americans believing our country is in permanent decline and Obama’s approval rating down in the 40′s, Obama still owns “the black vote”.