Democrat Voter Frauds Cry: “GOP Conspiracy!”

By: Michael John McCrae

Tiffany Gabbay on the “Blaze” posted and interesting piece on July 15th entitled: “Politics Democrats Claim GOP Conspiracy: Showing Photo ID at Polls Keeps Poor, Minorities From Voting”. Her article begins with the question: “Would being required to show a photo ID at the voting booth prior to casting your ballot deter you from voting?”

My personal opinion is that it would not and should not “deter” anyone from voting. If a person feels voting is their particular right as a citizen, then nothing should keep one away from the polls. To ensure any voter is properly registered; requesting identification seems only natural to prevent ONE: Voter Fraud and TWO: the voter is in the correct district or ward to cast the appropriate vote. Some districts are so haphazardly gerrymandered that is could easily confuse an older or a first-time voter.

Yet liberal democrats seem to believe that a request for photo identification would keep people from the polls. Democrats oppose voter identification. Democrats prefer to have the option to defraud the polls. Democrats are thankful for the efforts of the New Black Panthers to intimidate voters from casting votes for Republicans. Democrats are thankful too that Attorney General Eric Holder refused to indict the New Black Panthers so the intimidation could continue.

From the Article: “Rev. Jessie Jackson and Congresswoman Marcia Fudge… claim a “Rovian” conspiracy is underway by the GOP to bar minorities, students, the elderly, and the poor from accessing the ballot box. During a press conference attended by House Democrats including Sheila Jackson Lee, Fudge said of Republicans: “I guess they don’t think that we understand that they’re trying to keep poor people from voting, minorities from voting, the elderly from voting, students from voting, we are not stupid,” she told reporters at a Capitol Hill press conference on Wednesday alongside liberal activist Rev. Jesse Jackson.”

Oh, but they are “stupid”! It has been the Democrat ACORN arm of voter registration (among others) that registered the Green Bay Packers and Mickey Mouse. It was the Democrat supporting New Black Panthers that intimidated voters from casting ballots. There were myriad Democrat voters resurrected from their graves on time to cast ballots in Washington State, Massachusetts, Texas and Tennessee (Google: Dead Voters Voting for 49 million hits). So I suppose if polling places began asking for photo identification the Democrat Party would not score as many votes from comic book characters and politically friendly ghosts!

Aren’t there any Republican elderly, poor, minorities and students? Perhaps it is only Democrat minority voters who would be intimidated. At least 20 million illegal, border jumping Democrat voters would have a good reason for not showing valid photo identification. They don’t have one to show.

From the article: “Jackson also believes moving Election Day from Sunday to Tuesday is another “scheme” to quash minorities’ votes… “Even, for example, moving voting from Tuesday – Sunday back to Tuesday – well, Tuesday’s a day when most people work. That’s always a scheme to suppress the vote and you have higher turnout on the weekends,” he said.”

But again this shows the ignorance of the Democrats. The bulk of the poor are poor because they do not work. They stay at home waiting for their unemployment checks. As long as Tuesday isn’t a “check” day the poor would have plenty of time to vote. Dead people don’t work so they can vote any time. If illegal border jumpers can sneak into the United States they can surely sneak into the polling places to cast votes for Democrats! The elderly may need a ride to the polls, but if they value their Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare they would vote if they had to crawl to the polls.

From the article: “We understand that this is by design — when you go to every state that a Republican governor, where there’s a Republican governor, they are doing this across this country and we’re just not going to take it,” said Fudge…16 states… now have laws “requiring” or “requesting” voters to present photo ID… that is apparently too many for Democrats, who seem to think no real identification should be required at all.”

And that is the preferred method for Democrats. They would prefer a Tuesday where they could rent a bus; fill it with old, minority, poor and student bodies; then take a tour of several polling places to allow passengers to cast Democrat votes over and over and over again. If no one is asking for identification such a scenario would be more than possible. For Democrats it would be utopia!

To fight against voter identification is stupid. To open all elections to blatant fraud is stupid. These voices yelling: “GOP Conspiracy!” are voices of stupid people trying to protect those who have been knowingly elected through fraud. I can think of one particular President at the moment that is refusing to investigate the New Black Panthers’ tactics of voter intimidation.

Asking a voter to identify him/herself is a viable means of preventing fraud at the ballot box. To take the opposing view is simple idiocy. Every American above the age of 17 has a right to register and vote and should do so; knowing everything possible is being done to prevent their vote from being invalidated through fraud.

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