By: William P. Frasca

Whether you are a Progressive Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat or a relentless Conservative Republican, one must realize who is actually at fault. The Presidency, The House of Representatives and the Senate have lost touch with America and its citizens. Their empty rhetoric and self serving indulgences of social gluttony have placed our beloved Country into its present vulnerable state of non-existence. The government “Of, By and For The People” have virtually become so extinct that “We The People” have become silent sheep led willingly to slaughter.

Everything we are experiencing today has been compounded over years past. We could probably go back further, but let’s keep it in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Teddy Roosevelt was a recognized Progressive. Woodrow Wilson was another government control freak, who anointed himself as the undisputed judge, jury and executioner of labeling selected individuals as assets or hindrances to society, while having his own philosophical views to handle them. He also believed in reproductive sterilization, or should we say “Selective Breeding” which also included the justification in segregating all the races, including intellect and classes.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Democrat, controlled by his wife Eleanor, a Socialist/Communist, started the mass expenditure of increased government. He started the Social Security system, while obtaining full power in administering handouts and employment opportunities that were offered to the beholding populous, dispensed by his loyal Democratic supporters.

We could even throw in President Dwight D. Eisenhower a Republican for his expansion of Social Security. Democrat Lynden Johnson’s, “War on Poverty”, signed the Medicare Bill and expanded government control, by tilting the scales to liberalism and government entitlements. His policies opened up the flood gates to reverse discrimination, quotas and undeserving entitlements.

You could possibly agree with some of these policies, as humanitarian, to be honest they did accomplish some good to the well deserved needy individuals, survivor benefits and those who were born or found themselves suddenly disabled. The elderly, who paid into the program, especially for all those who didn’t plan for the future or didn’t make any medical provisions, but don’t forget, these were government controlled bureaucracies.

Before you offer them a medal or the “Nobel Peace Prize”, just remember this, there was a method to their madness, the average person during their time period of these conceptions didn’t live passed the age of sixty five, so this was just another form of taxation, adding more government revenue. This placed good odds that the contributor wouldn’t live to collect the benefits. This was also used as a manipulative tool, which increased the government’s powers of persuasion by creating dependency.

Wouldn’t it have been more lucrative and feasible for an individual to have a choice in investment, or an option to remain in the system, instead of forced compliance?

Republican President Richard Nixon devaluated the dollar and took the U.S off the gold standard. He also introduced wage/price controls. President Jimmy Carter’s, high taxes, double digit inflation and the CETA Jobs Program, forced distribution of ineligible mortgages, handouts, gas shortages, world humiliation, also increased government intervention over out daily lives.

The First two years of his Presidency, President. Bill Clinton, further expanded liberal social programs, which included high taxes before the American electorate made him and his Democratic Party see the light after their devastating loss in the House of Representatives and the Senate, with a Republican takeover. He yielded to the Republican leadership and together they balanced the budget, decreased taxes, expanded businesses big and small with welfare reform.

Unfortunately, there was one big mistake initiated by this Administration and that was NAFTA, the (North American Free Trade Agreement). This was the obvious downfall of all manufactured goods that were “Made in America”, which slowly disintegrated our employment opportunities.

This should prove beyond any reasonable doubt that “We the People” have extreme powers, as voters. We can make a difference, change the status quo and steer our own destiny. It’s only when we become complacent, by lowering our defenses strengthens our enemies and threatens our freedoms.

The Medicare Part D federal controlled prescription program endorsed and implemented by Republican George W. Bush, initiated another high cost social program.

Our present President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” truly believes that America and American Capitalism is the root of all evil. He is the perfect “Poster Child” for the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party. He believes in bowing, apologizing, absolute manipulation, high spending, redistribution of wealth, forced obedience and has total disregard of our United States Constitution, including our entire God Given alienable rights and freedoms.

Over the years some of our Presidents, The Congress and The Senate have destroyed our right to rule ourselves. The phrase “Absolute Power Corrupts: and the “More Power You Have the More You Want” comes to mind.

The “Will and Wishes of the People” were stymied and silenced by the “Will of a Few Demigods”, which were and are egotistical, self serving leeches. We were used as pawns to support programs that were not only forced and jammed down our throats, but were also against our better judgment and our pocketbooks. Laws and agendas that were clueless to any negative consequences, with their true contents unknown.

These are just a few regressive negativities and entities displayed in our government’s past and present that slowly decayed our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. There are many more, too many to mention in an article.

“We the People” have been denied a legitimate voice in establishing any regulations pertaining to taxes, we just have an obligation to file and pay. “We the People” have no control in initiating any regulations and policies pertaining to the Federal Reserve Bank, or have any authority to appropriate a Federal Budget.

Why are both parties against high unemployment, yet we have over Nine Percent unemployed? Why are the two major Parties against high inflation, yet our paper money is worthless? Why are both parties stating they want to control the deficit, yet useless wasteful spending is still increasing, while the interest we pay on our National debt doesn’t even make a small dent in reducing the principle? Why do both Parties’ preach against high taxes, and helping the middle class yet the government unmercifully for years have forcibly increased our financial obligations, from birth to death? Why both are preaching national security, yet our boarders are still unmanageable. Why do they allow our Boarder Patrol Agents to remain defenseless, while we are being overwhelmed by violent illegal blood sucking foreign invaders? Why are both Parties in favor or being energy independent from foreign oil, for decades, yet we don’t endorse or authorize drilling on American soil.

Why are both Parties in favor of the Constitution, yet our rights and freedoms are slowly being denied? Why are both stating the greatness of our Country, while we are sinking fast into a bottomless pit of financial ruin? Why do they praise our brave military, yet they unmercifully try to deny them and their families their rightful pay and benefits? Why are we mirroring the images of proven failed societies and countries? Why are we taking a backseat in the world instead of becoming an admired leader? Why do we apologize, for our achievements and generosity? Why does an illegal alien have more rights and privileges than a natural born and raised American citizen, including our courageous, unselfish military personal or legal alien, becoming a citizen? Why are we tolerant of all those who have a strong desire to wipe us off the face of the earth, in the name of political correctness, yet we punish, the law abiding and the meek? Why do we continue to reward our enemies and chastise our friends and allies? Why? Why? Why?

We must take the initiative as our forefathers intended, by peacefully reclaiming our Great Country for the People. Remember we must learn from history, because it does repeat itself, unless we take the necessary corrective steps. Compare the similarities of the Roman Empire and The United States Of America, there’s not much of a difference. Rome did fall, but for America it’s not too late?

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