Your Entitlements or Your Country

By: Craig Chamberlain

Comedian Jack Benny had a routine in which a robber would stop him and demand “your money or your life!” Benny would remain silent and the robber would repeat his demand and Benny would finally answer “I’m thinking, I’m thinking!” It seems that America is having a Jack Benny moment. Our republic( if it can still be called a republic) totters on the edge of financial collapse. The President wants to increase the debt limit and usher in new taxes, ostensibly to close the deficit.

The republicans offer a far more sensible plan of cut, cap, and balance. Here the government would cut spending, cap future spending, and pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. Sensible though the plan might be it’s dead on arrival.

The Democrats want the government to grow, not shrink. Tax increases would not be used on reducing the debt, but on even more government spending. It’s really quite simple for the Democrats. The bigger the government is, the more powerful it is, the more power it has the more power they have, and they like power.

They didn’t create Social Security to take care of the elderly, they created to give their allies jobs in the government and make seniors dependent on them. They didn’t create medicaid and medicare to give health care to the poor and elderly, they did it to control the health care of the poor and elderly. They didn’t create the department of Education to improve education. They did it to create more government jobs for their allies and undermine the rights of state and local governments. They didn’t create… well you get the idea. The welfare state wasn’t created to help anyone but the federal government. It’s time that the American people realize that.

They demand that government cut wasteful spending, that Washington live within its means. Yet, at the same time, they insist no reforms are necessary to the entitlements they’ve “earned”. This is a game the Democrats know, and they play it well. Using their droogs in the media they convince the American people that the debt is the GOP’s fault. As if the Republicans passed stimulus, bailouts, and Obamacare. Secondly that is the evil Republicans get their way poor ol’ granny is going to end up living in a cardboard box. And the American people fall for it every time.

The American people want two contradictory things. It is impossible to fix America’s debt problem, to get our financial house in order, unless reforms are made to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. It might not be a popular sentiment, but its the only real option. The American people shouldn’t believe the doomsday prophecies about entitlement reform. To hear the left tell it, the welfare state is a God given right, and without its benevolent help millions will die of hunger and preventable disease, and only a morally depraved monster would dare to suggest reforms to the only things preventing people from living in poverty.

The American people are the most generous in the world, we took care of the old and sick long before the Democrats set up the worlds largest Ponzi scheme so they could play with taxpayer money. The seeds of America’s financial ruin were sown with the creation of the welfare state, it can only find its way back to prosperity and freedom through the reformation, or dismantling, of the welfare state.

Is it a popular idea? Certainly not. Would it cause Americans some short term discomfort? Yes, but America needs to detox off its addiction to entitlement spending. Withdrawals might be painful, but the country won’t survive unless changes are made. Cutting waste here and there won’t do any good. We’re way beyond that point. We’ll be lucky to be on the same level as Greece is we don’t fix the entitlement spending that is ruining this country’s long term hope for fiscal sanity. We’re passing the buck to the next generation, and the sad thing is, most Americans are ok with that.

The American people must decide, do they want their country back, strong, wealthy, or will they cling to the entitlements that are bringing the country down? There’s a clear choice that the parties need to communicate. If they want entitlements then give power back to the Democrats, and they can spend until our economy is like Zimbabwe’s. If they want prosperity then it’s time for a new President.

Entitlements or country, that’s the choice, and let’s hope the people choose country.

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