Obama: Please Raise the Taxes on the Rich!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

It is quite funny that this notion of raising the taxes on the rich is not getting any traction. But Obama keeps trying. Some think that if he can create some class warfare that he will get enough votes to win the election. But in simple terms “it’s the economy stupid” applies. And no one can see why taxing the rich will help the economy. But what if Obama and the left went after the assets of the rich?

Guys like Spielberg and Soros love to support liberal causes. Let’s say they have assets equal to $100 billion dollars. If it is sheltered properly the liberal government can’t go after it. And most of us realize that $100 billion dollars is just way too much for any one person to have.

In fantasyland, we ask each of them to write a check for $50 billion dollars. Will they miss it, probably for a few minutes but they still have $50 billion dollars to live on. So there are a great deal of trust funds and all sorts of sheltering instruments in the United States. By the way if you tax Spielberg’s $50 billions dollars he would become a Republican faster then you could say ET.

So let’s say we get about 50 of these folks to donate their assets. Now that equals about $5 trillion dollars. Do you have any idea how many people you would need to tax in the middle class bracket to gain that amount in tax revenue?

So if you could get 150 of these Billionaires to contribute $50 billion dollars of their assets we could pay off the debt! And have $1 trillion dollars to lend. Now that’s really raising the debt ceiling!

But to get a bit serious about the debt, $14 trillion dollars is a lot of debt and Obama and the liberals want to create more debt and demand that we spend more for the sake of intolerance.

Most of the time, these liberal dreams or ideas are based on good intent. Obamacare sounds like a great idea. Everyone would be able to get the best healthcare for the cheapest of prices. You don’t believe that’s going to happen. There is a good reason why that did not happen. Because liberals like Pelosi and Obama see the dollar signs and forgot about the main purpose of a healthcare bill.

We see this all the time through history. FDR started out great. Then he turned into a blooming liberal. LBJ wanted everyone to be equal. And that makes sense. Is there anyone in this country today who does not believe we all should be equal? Of course the term equal can be argued until the cows come home, but in simple terms we all are equal in the sense that everyone has a right to the same possibilities as everyone else.

But LBJ and his liberal cronies went off the deep end. Instead of eliminating discrimination they produced reverse discrimination. Look at the education system. Most people don’t realize that a college credit was less than a hundred bucks at the end of the 1960’s. The average student takes less than 18 credits a semester. So a school semester was less than $1,800 bucks. And a few years before that, the tuition was much cheaper. So why did our cost for higher education start skyrocketing in the 60’s. Today Harvard is fast approaching $70,000 a year with room and board. For the most part the education is not any better. So what happened?

The liberals at the time thought the blacks and minorities needed help. So they set up quotas and they offered much more scholarship money to minorities then for the evil white folks who were paying most of the taxes going to this funding. So what happens is the universities are rewarded for bringing in more minority students and they get more money from the government. In the end they can raise their tuition at will and the financial aid keeps going up. Do you really think Obama and Lady Obama would have gone to good schools if they had to pay $70,000 a year? Odds are they had full scholarships and if there were any student loans it was probably used to finance his trip to Kenya. But we can only guess about that, until we see Barry’s school records.

So tuition that could be as high as $10,000 a year is now $70,000 a year because the liberals created a false economy. And this was fueled by taxpayer money. If you look hard enough you will find similar issues with healthcare and teacher funding. In Pennsylvania the districts get more funding if they fire American teachers and hire foreigners that don’t speak English too well!

What the liberals should have done was to increase the size of the classrooms. If Harvard wanted to increase the enrollment of minority then they should have increased the size of their admission classes to do so. Remember they gave a full scholarship to Obama’s dad. Thanks to him, we now have the greatest black president in American History.

So in a nutshell, the liberals took care of their own while they expanded the classes and the funding to the minorities. So as a result of not increasing the size of the classes to accommodate the increase there were many majority students who were denied admission to the better schools because of these policies. And if they were accepted they were not offered the same scholarships. That’s why this is known as reverse discrimination. They called it equal rights, but they looked at it as a world of scarcity instead of abundance. As a result the middle class white student was placed at a disadvantage, even if they were more qualified for the seat in the same admission class. The better choice was to increase the size of the admission class and keep the financial aid the same.

So in the end if the liberals didn’t try to micromanage the education system and society there would be true and real equality. Even today the liberals want to dummy down qualifying tests so we can continue the failed policies of reverse discrimination. So in the end the tuition has skyrocketed. Do you have any idea how many middle class families scrimped and saved to pay these outrageous tuition costs? Many ended in divorce and bankruptcy. This was all brought about by the liberals’ notion of quotas. Minorities really didn’t need help. They just needed an equal space at the table. If you want to earn respect then think equality.

So do we really want to take all the money from the rich? If you are going to give me a billion or two of it, then I vote absolutely yes. But it seems that the more the government spends the worse the economy becomes. Guys like Hannity and Miller claim they are already paying over 50% in taxes. Don’t you think that is enough! To a liberal it is never enough. So I vote we take $50 billion from Soros’s and Spielberg’s assets. And while we are at it, let’s look at Obama’s campaign treasure trove. Since he is the greatest president we ever had, he shouldn’t need a billion dollars to spend on campaigning. Let’s donate most of that money to pay down the debt. A good deal of it was caused by him and liberal failed policies.

So in the end, if you look at every stupid liberal policy that the United States has voted on, the end result is usually an unequal status. And in the end it costs a great deal of taxpayer money. Think about it, if tuition was $10,000 a year today instead of $70,000 a year wouldn’t we all be much better off?

The liberals mean well. It is just that they lack all semblances of responsibility and equality. Why should the rich pay more than anyone else unless they get more in return?

Bottom line is that there is not enough income made by the rich to pay down the debt. So let’s go after their assets. That’s why the flat tax will fail because the rich will hide their income, but they can’t hide their assets. If Obama is really stupid enough to tax the rich, then he mind as well go after their assets as well!

If you made ten million dollars last year, how would you feel about writing a $5 million dollar check to Obama and his failed liberal policies?

If you clowns really think this is a good idea, if they change the rules so that they can go after the assets of the rich? Then you must realize that they will go after your assets as well. In the end they can spend your money better then you can!


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