Eat Your Peas!

By: Patti Bankson

Once more, the sky is falling… we’re at the eleventh hour… we must act immediately… do something, even If it’s wrong. That’s the president speaking from behind the eight-ball, as usual. One would be tempted to think that he’s just never prepared… doesn’t know how to plan ahead. One would be wrong. I think he definitely knows how to plan ahead, and that’s exactly what he’s doing, planning ahead. Unfortunately, all his plans seem to center around the 2012 election, and securing his second term in office. Meanwhile, our economy continues to falter, unemployment continues to climb, food prices increase, as does our debt. So, what’s his plan?

In February of 2010 the president formed a bi-partisan debt commission. Their job was to propose ways to rein in our ever-increasing national debt, by December, 2010. What a waste of time and money that was. The president just ignored their recommendations, then went on to propose a budget increasing the debt $10 TRILLION over the next decade. Then he wanted a debt-ceiling increase with zero debt reduction. As I write this on Tuesday afternoon, we’re all (still) waiting to learn the results of the negotiations between the president and congressional leaders to increase the current debt ceiling. According to the latest estimate of the 2011 fiscal year deficit by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and the latest accounting of the federal debt by the Treasury Department, they would need to increase the debt by $615.865 BILLION between now and September 30… that’s an additional $5,240 per household… to just keep the government going at current spending levels.

This whole situation is completely surreal. Washington, D.C. is obviously located on another planet, because our “leaders” are soooo out of touch with the reality of life on planet earth… the reality of life for the average, every-day American. Our reality is that we can’t plan our budgets based on some amount we wish we had; we have to base them on what we actually make. Our reality is that if we don’t balance our check books, the bank shuts us down. Our reality is that we have a spending limit on our credit cards, and if we want to exceed that limit we must ask for an increase first. If we don’t ask first, we get denied when we try to spend beyond that limit. If we keep doing that, month after month, like our government(s) have, we have to cut up our credit cards, or the cards are confiscated at the point of sale. No more spending, no more new stuff. No more “investing” in anything.

There are a lot of lessons that “public servants” at every level need to learn … should have learned decades ago… not the least of which is that the money we’ve earned is not YOURS to spend any way you want, it’s OURS… it’s not YOURS to redistribute… and, here’s the big one: learn how to live within pre-determined means. If you can’t do that, then you need to do what the rest of us have to do… balance the check book, get those scissors out and, cut up the “credit cards” and, as the president says we have to do, “Eat your peas”!!

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