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July 29, 2011

The Gang of Six: Are they rapists?

Filed under: Politics In General - 29 Jul 2011

All this talk about debt, credit rating, spending and cuts should be giving everyone who cares a headache. O’Reilly the 8PM wizard thinks we have to raise the debt ceiling otherwise the country might get hurt. He must be confused …

Somali people suffer from Islamist cruelty and famine

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 29 Jul 2011

“One of them said how she left her sick child on the road because he was too weak to make the journey to Kenya. Burdened by other small children, she left him to die alone in the desert.” – BBC …

“Pot” Bernie Sanders Calls “Kettle” Barack Hussein Obama “Black”?

From, 24 July 2011, this article entitled: “Vermont Senator Wants Obama to Face Primary Challenger” probably should have been entitled: “Extremist Vermont Socialist Sycophant Wants Current Socialist President to Face Primary Challenger”.