“Pot” Bernie Sanders Calls “Kettle” Barack Hussein Obama “Black”?

By: Michael John McCrae

From FoxNews.com, 24 July 2011, this article entitled: “Vermont Senator Wants Obama to Face Primary Challenger” probably should have been entitled: “Extremist Vermont Socialist Sycophant Wants Current Socialist President to Face Primary Challenger”.

Senator Bernie Sanders knows his socialists. Senator Sanders believes his “progressive” (socialist) President “has drifted [too far] toward Republican positions”. Bernie believes Mr. Obama needs to be replaced or at least face a serious “Primary Challenge” because he fears Mr. Obama isn’t socialist enough to complete America’s destruction.

Senator Sanders’ thinking is convoluted. There is actually only one person standing further to the left than Obama. That would be Bernie Sanders. President Barack Hussein Obama speaks of Republicans who have driven America “into a ditch” while he has driven the American economy over a cliff. Democrats have not put together a budget (by law annually) for more than 800 days now and have stifled every attempt by the House of Representatives to cut spending. Obama said he would veto the “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill passed in the House before it even reached the Senate for debate. Harry Reid “tabled” the bill; effectively cutting off any chance for a debate. I believe Bernie Sanders is getting everything he wants. Yet, he believes he deserves more.

There is truth in the axiom that even when you compromise with liberals, socialists and communists, they will remain unsatisfied. The socialists (statists) in the Senate, of which Bernie Sanders is just one of the extremist talking heads; will never be satisfied with the amount of “revenue” they believe they are entitled to steal from America’s producers. The socialists want to “tax and spend” America into oblivion. Bernie Sanders believes Obama is prepared to give in to Republicans. Senator Sanders has not been paying attention to the number of times Barack Hussein Obama has vilified anyone and everyone making $250,000 a year as “rich, corporate jet owners”.

From the article: “But Sanders, an Independent, said Friday that the president is not living up to his campaign commitments on issues like Social Security — reflecting a concern among some Democrats that Obama is willing to negotiate away changes to entitlements to appease Republicans.”

For anyone paying attention, it was Al Gore (then Vice-President) in 1993 who cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate to begin taxing Social Security benefits from the 50 percent threshold to 85 percent. Those taxes have been rising ever since. If Bernie Sanders were that concerned about Social Security recipients he would be fighting to eliminate those taxes, yet Bernie Sanders believes government is entitled to every cent of every tax from any source it can be stolen from. Democrats want to “tax the rich” but they have proven themselves unafraid to tax the poor or the elderly.

Senator Sanders has nothing to fear. Obama is a true socialist and a peer. Sanders and Obama see eye-to-eye on the destruction of all things capitalistic. They agree that individual freedoms must be damned to the benefit of government expansion. They are brothers when it comes to the idealism of Karl Marx. Bernie Sanders can sleep the calm sleep of elitism. His constituency; in the entirely reprobate state of Vermont are perfectly happy wearing their aluminum-foil hats.

Obama will not need a “Primary Challenger”. The year 2012 will see the rest of America vote the current socialist administration into a historical asterisk.

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