The Gang of Six: Are they rapists?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

All this talk about debt, credit rating, spending and cuts should be giving everyone who cares a headache. O’Reilly the 8PM wizard thinks we have to raise the debt ceiling otherwise the country might get hurt. He must be confused again. If the credit rating should go down, would that really affect us? It could be a good thing, but let’s face it; it is not going to be effected unless we default on the loans. Why is the government’s credit rating any different then our personal credit rating. It is amazing congress invites other crooks into the arena to give financial opinions on behavior which by any stretch of imagination is crooked!

The bottom line is will the United States government default on any loans if the debt ceiling is not raised? The answer is no. If it does happen than Obama will bear the burden. So why raise the debt ceiling. O’Reilly seems to think the Republicans will be blamed, but they don’t pay the bills. They don’t create jobs. It’s the community organizer who is in charge. And he finds the plan of the Gang of Six Promising!

Has anyone caught on to the fact that Obama never commits to anything. But a good community organizer never will. The organizer is there more as a facilitator and not as a leader. So get over it Democrats. Obama is not a leader and he never will be a leader.

So are the members of the gang of six the leaders? First off the term gang is a bad term. Do they plan to gang rape America? So let’s see what they have planned for America. Keep in mind that the liberal Democrats were totally in charge for over 2 years. How come they never raised the debt ceiling officially. Technically they raised it with Obamacare, but why not officially raise the debt ceiling? They allowed $4 trillion dollars in debt in 2 years why not $8 trillion. Who really is counting and who really cares?

The Gang of Six has a plan. A simpler plan is to just make 10% cuts throughout the spending budget. That is right now, not 10 years from now. That is a good reason not to raise the debt ceiling. If the ceiling is not raised, then the cuts will go into effect immediately. If you raise the ceiling the cuts will never happen. Then you will feel like you have been raped again by the same old crooked gang.

The Gang of Six should demand to roll back the appraisals for real estate to July 2008. That is when the Democrats torpedoed the housing market so they could win the election. This will cost nothing and will create millions of jobs instantly and create a ton of tax revenue at the same time.

The Gang of Six’s plan will create no jobs. This is the number one concern for all Americans. It should be because without jobs, there will not be enough tax revenue and that will create even more debt under the proverbial ceiling!

The Gang of Six is a bunch of old white guys. Where was this gang when the debt was being created? Were they touring the countryside on their motorcycles?

If you have some time read the 5 pages of the Gang of Six plan. It is better to do it with some type of adult beverage. And I promise you if you are really concerned about the budget, you will be laughing your head off before you get to page 2.

Let’s make it real simple for the gangsters. The best deficient reduction plan is to cut all pay to the congress and their staff. Let’s be fair, Obama talked about sacrifice, let’s have real sacrifice.

So they should be given fair warning. First 6 months their pay, benefits etc. are cut by 10%. In the next 6 months their pay and benefits are cut by an additional 10%. Then by the next year all the pay and benefits are eliminated. It is without doubt, that once the gangsters who were voted in to make decisions are doing it on their own time and their own money, then decisions will be made quickly and they will balance the budget even faster.

Do you have any idea how much money Kerry and Pelosi have? Kerry married the widow of one of the richest Republicans in the country. Pelosi is rich. Why are we paying them a 6 figure salary and the greatest benefit’s package in the world for life? It just doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t happen with the social security checks, does it?

If you allow the decision makers or those that like to be gangsters to rob you blind, then how can they possibly be frugal when it comes to taxpayer money? They can’t.

So you can quickly turn the 5 page plan into toilet paper because it is useless. It will not create one job. And the only thing America needs right now is more jobs. Do you realize over 400,000 new unemployment claims came in last week! So that means Obama is a failure. His liberal policies are a failure and these clowns will sit around until the next election shuffling papers while they collect their paychecks and vest all those wonderful lifetime benefits. But there are 2 things and only 2 things that we must do.

One, roll back the appraisals for real estate to July 2008. The banks have over $800 billion dollars sitting in vaults doing absolutely nothing. That alone will solve all the job problems in this country, immediately and the cost is nothing! So there is no need to raise the debt ceiling.

Two, cut all the salaries and benefits of Congress, effective immediately. Can you imagine how quickly they will start to look at the budget? Right now the budget is a lifetime achievement award. The Gang of Six wants to invest millions of hours of committee meetings to solve the problem. Why not, they are being paid a lot of money to have these meetings! Once their pay is gone, the debt ceiling will never have to be raised.

So start some petitions and it may not pass right away, but if people like the tea party folks and others can get behind such a simple concept, 2012 can become the new beginning. If we keep the status quo, it will be the same recession or the 2nd greatest depression. So let’s send the well paid gangsters a packing. Where’s Elliot Ness when we really need him?


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