Yakima, Washington, Apple Country and Home of the Drive-By Shootings

By: Keith Allison

Thirty some years ago when I first moved to Yakima, I couldn’t help but admire the beauty of the region. To the West, we have the forward slopes of the Cascades, wildly rich in steep canyons, forested with pine trees amid cascading streams of a magnificence only paralleled by California’s High Sierra’s and Europe’s Alpine regions.

Both the upper and lower valleys have an abundance of apple orchards and various other farm commodities. For the most part, the people here are a gregarious lot who seem to enjoy their lives in this Mecca of semi urban and country life. The only real draw back though, are the morons who run around the area shooting at each other, often missing their intended target and hitting some innocent by-stander.

For the most part, that shooting each other generally involves a certain element of the community, many of whom entered this country illegally, and obviously hold our laws in contempt, going about the area shooting each other for some reason known only to themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some anti-gun fanatic screeching and screaming about the need for more so-called gun control laws. I just get a bit irritated over the fact that due to these senseless shooting, innocent by-standers are often caught in the cross-fire, or an errant bullet passing through someone’s window or wall kills or injures someone at the dinner table. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for an innocent child to become a victim of this random violence.

For those infinitely brave individuals who think it’s cool or that it makes them a “big man” to go around shooting unarmed or innocent by-standers, I must ask this question; why don’t you join up with some nation’s military? Just think about it, the military will supply you with any number of weapon’s and all of the ammunition you can use in a life time. You never know, they may even give you your own flame thrower, tank, or armored personnel carrier to wreak havoc with. And, I’m sure they can locate a small war somewhere on this planet where you will have the opportunity to expend a tremendous amount of ammunition at random targets of interest to you. However, a minor problem you might happen upon is that some of those “random targets” just might decide to shoot back at you. Oh, I see, that’s not part of the equation you prefer; you don’t want them shooting back at you, you prefer your targets to be standing with their backs to you, un-armed and therefore unable to defend themselves.

Well, personal experience tells me that just doesn’t work too well in a real shooting war. For whatever reason, in wars, the other guys always seem to be shooting back at you. As a matter of fact, while on a battle field, it seems for all intents and purposes, that everyone on the “other side” are focusing all of their attention on you, and you alone.

Well, that’s my rant for the day; so instead of keeping the firearms and ammunition manufacturers busy, get yourselves a job, settle down with a good woman, raise a God fearing family, and become a useful element within your community. Doing as you are right now, all you’re doing is keeping the local mortuary and flower shops busy with funeral arrangements for people you often didn’t even know.

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