Can’t we just Regulate all American Industries out of Existence?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Ms Jackson is at it again. Just what the economy needed was another regulation. We have these clowns in Washington trying to balance the budget while the EPA is trying to help eliminate jobs.

If you get a chance read the NY Times article on the new regulations that will be effecting the power plants in the United States. And after you finish reading the article, don’t forget to sing Kum Baya. I am sick and tired of all these regulations that tell me how white my shirts can be. They have been doing this for ages. They stole our Freon, our carburetors and they promised us that all the air we breathe will be as clean as new fallen snow!

Well they must have missed one piece of the puzzle. They want power plants to spend another billion a year on catalytic converters and scrubbers. Of course this is good if you own a business that makes and maintains catalytic converters. I wonder if GE makes these things. You always have to wonder when wackos make up new rules who do they have in mind. Are they helping their friends, the environment, the people, the taxpayers, industry or jobs?

Does Ms. Jackson have any idea who is going to pay these billions of dollars? Maybe if we call it 1000 million dollars that will help visualize the annual increase in expenses that this regulation alone suggests. So that may really mean $2 Billion or more a year. And think of all the inspectors and lawyers we will have to hire to inspect the scrubbers and prosecute the evil power plants.

In the end the taxpayer will pay for all the expenses and the lifetime benefits of the workers involved and the consumer is going to have to pay for all the additional expenses. So at a time when we need more jobs and a better economy, do you really think we should be paying for catalytic converters and scrubbers? They probably will be made in China via GE so it isn’t going to help our economy one iota.

But here’s the fun part. This one little fix is going to help more people then Christ walking on water. They claim that the cleaner air will cure asthmatics, heart attacks and other harmful diseases. According to these freaks all the people who breathe the air in NYC should be dead by now. That has not happened either.

This regulation is going to cure so many people by 2014 that it will save $280 billion dollars in healthcare costs. These folks should write for Disney. These are the same clowns that said that Obamacare was going to reduce the national debt. They were wrong there as well. So when are we going to stop these people from ruining our economy!

Look at NYC this week. You can’t find a more liberal bunch of wackos. And nobody thought to keep the pumps secure and isolated. As a result pure unadulterated sewage was dumped into our rivers. It closed the beaches just at a time when people could really use a dip in the ocean to cool down from the sweltering heat. Why don’t people like Ms. Lisa work to make infrastructures like this more durable and safe then trying to run up bills for industries so her friends can make more money!

Here’s another one to chew on. Many years ago a wacko physician decided that people with certain conditions should take antibiotics before all dental procedures. Basically the notion was that during the dental procedure no matter how minor, the bacteria in the mouth would some how get into the bloodstream and affect certain organs. Granted I believe more then most antibiotics are good and should be used in certain circumstances. But this was routine. This went on for about 25 years. Who knows maybe somebody had a brother who sold Amoxicillin and Erythromycin. But trillions of doses of antibiotics have been paid for and taken because of some poorly created theory. This probably ranks up there with silver fillings in the mouth. But the point is now they say it isn’t necessary to take all these antibiotics. What happened did the brother die!

The point is simple. I am a simple man and I thought this was ridiculous from the start. What happens if you are eating a potato chip and you accidentally cut your gum? Are you going to take a handful of antibiotics to fight the gang of bacteria flowing through your bloodstream? Probably not, but many people were forced to swallow tons of antibiotics for no reason at all. We should be on guard when these wackos come out of the wood work and they make these off the wall assumptions and they really don’t make any sense.

I for one am not against clean air. But I am against Chinese made catalytic converters and scrubbers that should be made in America! I am also against these outrageous assumptions that if we do just one more regulation that all the ills of the world will be cured.

And the real problem is nobody holds their feet to the fire. In 2014, is someone going to tally up all the asthmatics, heart folks and other harmful patients (kind of wide open here, hope you weren’t looking for specifics for they sure weren’t) so we know a billion dollars a year has made an impact that can be measured.

I am sure that today there is still someone out there saying that living in NYC is like smoking 5 packs a day. With all that second hand smoke all these folks should be dead. But because NYC has the best tasting water in the world, most of these folks are still breathing and kicking.

So the bottom line is when are we going to stop listening to the garbage that these liberals spew about the land?

When are we going to see more capitalists and conservatives on the regulatory boards of the EPA? Do they have a monopoly on liberal wackos? Our economy can no longer afford all these intrusions that accomplish next to nothing beneficially but in return they drive away businesses and real jobs!


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