GOP Should Nominate Rick Perry

By: Craig Chamberlain

It would seem silly to worry about who a party is going to nominate fifteen months before an election, at least it would under normal circumstances. But we are hardly living in normal circumstances. In the old days you could have dark horse candidates selected at conventions, but elections are different today. They require a fortune to run an effective campaign, and a party needs to select its candidate early to avoid a long blood civil war that leaves the party weakened and the nominee at a disadvantage. Currently the GOP candidates are little known, and jockeying for position in a field that is crowded and is leaving the electorate underwhelmed.

There is Mitt Romney, currently the front runner, his tenure as governor of Massachusetts saw him sign a health care bill that is very similar to Obama care. The state supreme court made the bay state the first state to sanction gay marriage under his watch, and he did little to fight back. Plus he’s a Mormon, that’s pretty much a deal breaker for the evangelicals within the party.

Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota, had a good track record during his two terms. The problem is that no one seems to have heard of him, and the ones who have heard of him just aren’t that interested in him.

Michelle Bachmann, the other candidate from Minnesota, is a favorite among the Tea Party, and is very popular with the conservatives in the GOP, and you know that the left is terrified of her if they are going after her so viciously more than a year out from the election. But the truth is that it’s almost impossible to get elected to the Presidency from the House of Representatives, in fact, it hasn’t been done in over a century. Her odds of making it past New Hampshire are low.

Herman Cain, Georgia businessman, radio host, and speaker, has the most devoted partisans in the party. The problem is he doesn’t have enough of them. It would be wrong to count him out entirely, but it doesn’t look like his candidacy is going to go very far.

Jon Huntsman Jr. seriously how hard is it to get elected governor of Utah as a Mormon and Republican? He’s Mormon, too moderate, and served as Ambassador to China for President Obama. That’s not going to win him too many fans in the GOP.

Then there is Rick Perry. He is not officially a candidate as of yet, though he is supposedly leaning towards a run. He’s been governor of Texas since 2000, the longest serving governor in the history of the Lone Star state. He’s never lost an election. During his tenure the state of Texas has been an economic juggernaut, gaining jobs- lots of them- while the rest of the country is struggling with unemployment. It would be the Perry economy vs. the Obama economy. It wouldn’t be too hard to figure out which one the American people would side with. Governor Perry, unlike many today in politics, is a staunch federalist. It’s an idea that would do this country some good. Of course a lot of governors and congressman talk about the virtues of state rights, until they get elected. Then it’s all about the power of the Presidency. But as far as anyone can tell Governor Perry is committed to the idea of constitutional federalism. The idea that the government is in any way constitutionally restrained is a revolutionary idea today. But if this country actually had a President that was willing to mind his own business, and allow the states to manage their own internal affairs then we would have real hope and change in this country.

A Perry nomination would appease all of the factions within the GOP. Social, and religious conservatives would not object to him. He’s pro life, doesn’t support gay marriage(though he thinks states should be allowed to choose for themselves on this issue) libertarians and economic conservatives wouldn’t have a problem with him given his record on job growth and limited government. (government doesn’t get more limited than it does in Texas)

As of right now, Governor Perry is the best candidate for the GOP, and he hasn’t even declared yet. Let the American people decide between the Texas model and the Obama model. That’s a vote that I would feel pretty confident in. The GOP can’t do anything until it wins the Presidency, and in order to do that they need the best candidate they can find. So if the GOP wants to be rid of President Obama then it should be Perry/Bachmann in 2012.

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