Homeland Security Debacle

By: William P. Frasca

Is The United States Department of Homeland Security alright? Are they actually mentally sound? Are they living in an “Alice In Wonderland” fictional fantasy in which they truly believe evil Queen Maleficent was wrongly profiled as a hideous monster but in reality she was a very loving person? Is Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano qualified to take on this ever changing challenging position as the leader in the trenches of defending America and its people? Absolutely not! She continues to demonstrate her incompetence and idiocies day after day without remorse, good conscience or dignity.

Her propaganda and clueless motives are a hindrance. This federal organization, with her at the helm, is so willing to sell short the lives of the American people for the sake of remaining politically correct. It has been a dumping ground, full of falsehoods and humiliation. This is no reflection towards the brave men and women who risk their lives daily to protect our homeland from terrorist, tyranny and destruction.

She is a sellout. She is at fault. She disgracefully undermines her position which ultimately leaves all our brave federal agents at risk including the American people. This well respected agency went steadily downhill with her leadership. The humbling submissive policies and misguided extended truths, of blowing her own horn are leaving our Country virtually defenseless, and at the mercy of our enemies. It seems to mirror the bowing and apologetic image of his highest, our Socialist/Marxist Liberal Democratic President Barack Hussein Obama, The Chosen One was mistakenly elected into office, by a naive American electorate.

Did anyone have the privilege of watching the new and improved Commercials, sanctioned by the Department of Homeland Security? They portray different scenarios pertaining to possible crimes and terrorist plots initiated by potential terrorist. According to these bogus ads, it’s a good thing our society is made up of a melting pot of nationalities and races, to defend us against the evil white race menace, from their unmerciful destruction. All potential terrorists displayed in these ads were identified as white men.

Do you think I am a stand up comedian making a joke? Do you actually think I am manufacturing this fabrication of singling out a particular race or gender of certain people? This is the truth! This Country’s leadership, with little or no protest from any other political party, together with the despicable Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic ideologies, with the help of the “Pro-Obama” main stream media has legitimized the discrimination towards particular groups, of religions, races and sexes. This abomination has shown little or no protest or outrage from the American people or by any other political parties.

These groups in particular are easy targets to ridicule, because they have no established protective organization to defend them from being a whipping post to the yellow belly Progressives. Multiply adjectives of descriptive degradation can be administered without any repercussions against the “Erroneous Buffoon” making any idiotic statements that incorrectly labels and identifies them and their families in a demeaning capacity. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there, threats, ultimatums and relentless mockery are also fair game and sanctioned by these donkeys. (Symbol of the Democratic Party).

These groups don’t strike any fear of retribution to anyone, including the meek, spineless, cowardice lawmakers throughout our land. They are the only ones that aren’t extended the privilege of being protected by the so called false idol of “Political Correctness”. That’s why the power of the vote and unity is our most important tool for reprisal.

The commercials only acknowledged, recognized, branded and unfairly categorized all white males as potential terrorists and they must be thoroughly observed and selected, without any hesitation. Naturally all those who dropped a dime and called law enforcement authorities, concerning their suspicious nature as a potential threat were all nationalities accept the white male and female.

This made an obvious statement that all non-whites are law abiding citizens and can not be possibly be displayed as terrorists, which is nonsense. This also suggested that without their brilliant observations of racially profiling one of the only groups permitted to be harassed, sanctioned by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party and the bleeding heart Progressives, America will be safe. This is a travesty of justice and against all American principles. Where are the equally balanced scales of guaranteed God given inalienable rights written and etched into our Constitution, by our forefathers? Have we given up on our principles?

What are they afraid of? Who are they afraid of offending, obviously it’s not these selected groups, including some of our loyal allies. Meanwhile our Country’s security is going down the toilet, with criminals crossing our boarders, killing our citizens in their homes, kidnapping, drugs, gangs, violent crimes, with no end in sight, but we must never speak or single out the real culprits. Don’t ever mention, accuse or identify through profiling any Muslim as a terrorists or extremists, you will be chastised as violating their rights. We must be tolerant and demonstrate political correct to their possible and potential dangers

Don’t ever try to defend Yourself, Your Home, Your Property or Your Family from any animalistic criminal element, especially with a gun, you will be arrested, put in jail and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Didn’t you know that only criminals and the most violent sadistic cretins are permitted destructive murderous weapons and not the law abiding citizen? What have we become?

Yet we allow, or be subjected to arrest and put in jail by the T.S.A (Transportation Security Administration) full authorization to humiliatingly and freely grope, frisk, x-ray, strip nude our mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, aunts, uncles, the elderly, our children our babies, and the disabled. Just to defend no profiling, of the untouchables, enhanced political correctness, and having a false sense of security. Are we doing this as not to offend the deranged barbaric brainwashed heathens, ready, willing and able to sadistically and unmercifully murder us.

Are we that self conscience out of fear of being called a prejudicial racist Nation that we are willing to risk our lives, our freedoms, by following the Liberal agenda of “passive resistance”, allowing them to manipulate and leading us literally as lambs to slaughter? Are we willing to relinquish our freedoms, and to be used and abused by our own government, Of, By and For the People, not to insult the potentially well known mass murderer? Law enforcement has been using “Profiling” ever since it conception. It is an excellent tool to use, but only if it’s used correctly, for the right reasons, aimed at the right offenders.

If it’s red and round with a stem and looks like and apple, tastes like an apple, smells like an apple then it must be an apple. No matter how you dice and slice it, or attempt to change its appearance, you can’t make it into an orange. When it concerns the health, welfare, preservation, defense and survival of myself, my family and the innocent American then there’s no option but to use any and all means possible for preservation.

This is a disgrace? Wake up America, speak up, and peacefully take back your honor, dignity and self respect. Change these malfunctions in our National Security. There’s still time to correct these problems, before it’s too late.

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