The One Shining Light In America’s Economic Downturn

By: Michael John McCrae

From “The Sacramento Bee”, 28 July 2011 comes a wonderful piece of good news entitled: “Improving Mexican economy draws undocumented immigrants home from California”.

The report begins: “There are fewer undocumented immigrants in California – and the Sacramento region – because many are now finding the American dream south of the border.” To which I can only cry “Halleluiah”!

It seems the anemic United States GDP growth rates which have driven unemployment numbers from five to almost ten percent are driving illegal Mexican border jumpers back to their Hispanic land of plenty. Quote: “Mexico’s unemployment rate is now 4.9 percent, compared with 9.4 percent joblessness in the United States.”

Should President Barack Hussein Obama continue his current rate of job destruction we might actually see all those illegal border jumpers drive home! From the article: “An estimated 300,000 [illegal] immigrants have left California since 2008, though the remaining 2.6 million still make up 7 percent of the population and 9 percent of the labor force, according to the Public Policy Institute of California.”

Three-hundred-thousand is a good start. If we can send back 2.6 million more from California that state might actually begin showing a budget surplus. Too, that would free up 2.6 million jobs for Americans who are currently in desperate need of work. From another 28 July 2011 article: “African-American Middle Class Eroding As Unemployment Rate Soars” (, by John Roberts we can see America needs Mexico to continue bringing home their lawbreakers.

That article begins: “The unemployment situation across America is bad… But for African-Americans…It’s the Great Depression…According to an analysis by the Economic Policy Institute, in Charlotte, N.C., the unemployment rate for African-Americans is 19.2 percent… add in people who have given up looking for jobs, that number exceeds 20 percent…according to economists Algernon Austin and William Darity, [this] has effectively mired blacks in a depression…“You’re looking at a community that is economically depressed in my opinion,” Austin said. “And we need action that will address that scale of joblessness.”
And the situation in California may be just the “action” the African-American community needs. The “Sacramento Bee” reports a 12.3 percent jobless rate in California because of the “construction bust”. Many of the illegal immigrants who were stealing construction jobs (Americans would not do) lost those jobs and went into either the service industry, (to steal more jobs Americans wouldn’t do) or returned to Mexico to take jobs (Americans would probably do after using up their 99 weeks of unemployment checks).

There are people in California who cannot make up their mind as to whether this exodus of illegal border jumpers is good or bad for the state. Quoting: Laura Hill, a demographer with the PPIC…”it’s hard to know whether the benefit of having fewer [illegal] migrants outweighs the cost to employers and taxpayers…California may have to provide less free education to the children of [illegal] immigrants and less emergency medical care, she said, but it will also get less tax revenue.”

“In 2008, at least 836,100 undocumented [ref: illegal] immigrants filed U.S. tax returns in California using individual tax identification numbers known as ITINS, said Hill, who conducted the tax survey. Based on those tax returns, the study found there were 65,000 undocumented [illegal] immigrants in Sacramento County that year, far fewer than in many other big counties.”

So there are hundreds of thousands of illegal border jumpers holding down jobs in California. If the state loses them all then the African-American community might be able to find employment. This may seem tongue-in-cheek; but it is really common sense! If America gets serious about “illegal” folks who are holding American jobs it may be able to get those unemployment percentages down as low as Mexico’s. If there are hundreds of thousands in California; what about North Carolina and the other 48 states of the union? Doesn’t common sense dictate the same percentages in other states? Send them all home and let’s get Americans into all those jobs currently being held by illegal border jumpers. Let’s get Americans paying into the tax base of the United States. Let’s keep all those dollars here! Billions of dollars are being lost into Mexico from illegal workers who send cash back to extended families there.

Some President should probably sit down and take the ten minutes it would take to determine a common sense solution to – One: Deport all illegal border jumpers. Two: Put the African-American community back to work and off the government dole. Three: Build the damn fence so all the illegal border jumpers stay south of the border! Come on! We’re talking between eleven and twenty million jobs! I sure there are at least seven million of those that Americans are willing to do!

Perhaps we should all “tweet” our illustrious President and make the suggestion?

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