Why did we turn the Neighborhoods over to the Liberals?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

The headlines we read almost weekly are quite catastrophic. And society has become so numb by it all, that no one seems to care. The victims and their families are crushed by it all. And the liberals turn around and take no responsibility and blame every one else. Just like Obama, if their liberal ideas are failures, then it can’t be their fault. And the conservatives demand more laws.

Since the 1960’s we have passed more laws then anyone can imagine and innocent people, usually children for the most part are still ending up dead. So what went wrong with all the liberal policies?

To review: We had a loon put a bullet in the head of a congresswoman and several others. It turns out that the marbles in the killer’s head are so screwed up that he is incapable of standing trial. So every six months or so, they will check the dipstick to see if he can stand trial.

In Norway, that loon kills a bunch of people. This guy was labeled almost immediately but at the end of the day he is still a loon. By the way Norway has no death penalty. The maximum sentence is 21 years. I wonder if the liberals will change that approach for Norway.

And then in NYC a Jewish boy gets a little lost trying to get home from day camp. He ends up dead, killed by another loon. Just imagine and pray for these folks. Imagine how all these families have suffered because of the acts of a few loons that were allowed to roam free in our neighborhoods.

The biggest mistake we all have made is that we believe the politicians when they say they will protect us. They will protect us with laws and more police. Well that hasn’t happened. In most neighborhoods there are probably less police per capita then ever and when they get there it is usually too late. They may be able to find the perpetuator, but in the end it is too late for the victims and their families.

I was told this story many years ago. In the old neighborhoods where by all accounts it was a lot safer then it is today, there were folks watching the neighborhoods. If someone moved in that they didn’t trust, that person was usually escorted out of Dodge. The Mafia might have been dealing in illegal bookmaking and moonshine, but they kept the neighborhoods safe.

Somewhere in the 60’s this all began to change. LBJ and his liberal cronies created so many laws that the neighborhoods should have been made safer and more tolerant. That could not be any further from the truth.

It is almost as if a haze settled over the houses and people no longer know who is living in their neighborhoods. The rich could always move to gated and secure neighborhoods, but the rest of us were trapped in no man’s land with no means to secure your neighborhood and less police then ever. Basically the badest person in the world could live next to you and there was nothing you could do about it. So after a while people stopped looking. Thus a haze was formed and the greatest defense that you had to protect your neighborhood was taken away by the liberals.

Some might call these protectors vigilantes but probably not all. Most of us have a sense after speaking with someone that they may have a screw loose. If we find out they have guns or an interest in minors, then what can you do about it? The police and the prosecutors will tell you they can do nothing until a crime has been committed. Maybe that’s because most of these prosecutors are too liberal. And on the other hand they have been handcuffed by all the civil rights laws that the liberals are proud of.

The story was that the police in the past even though they were fewer in number still knew where the bad guys were. They could keep an “eye” on them. Today the bad guys have more rights then you have. And they can live anywhere they want.

Remember the story about the guy that blew away the perpetrators who were robbing his neighbor’s house. He went out with a gun and the bad guys were stupid enough to go after the old man. In the end, he blew them away. By any standard this guy should have received a presidential citation. You know what he got? He was arrested and put through a trial until his peers found him still innocent. You have to think what kind of wacko prosecutor was inclined to charge this neighborhood hero with a crime when he should have been rewarded.

It is possible to get a bunch of volunteers and start a guardian angel group in your neighborhood. But where was the guardian angel when that poor Jewish boy became lost. It is really time to tell the politicians to shovel it.

We will continue to hear more stories like this until the people begin to take ownership of their neighborhoods. Liberals taught us that it would all be ok. All the bad guys will be ok if we treat them like everyone else. They will find jobs and become an asset to the community.

Remember, the real bad guys probably only make up 5% of the population. We have more liberals and their money fighting for the rights of these folks. We have the ACLU and all sorts of wacko groups that care more about the rights of bad guys then your rights. And the best part is that they are paid with taxpayer money and donations from liberals. Many of these liberals are celebrities who you pay good money to. They take your money and use it to feed their bad liberal habits of paying for liberal causes.

The bottom line is that your neighborhood belongs to you and is your responsibility. The rich and the politicians do not live in your neighborhood and they don’t care about your neighborhood. So you better start voting for folks that live in your neighborhood, not in the ivory towers of the rich and the liberal!


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