We Can’t Afford Another Obama Term

By: Craig Chamberlain

There was a little bit of news that most people probably didn’t notice. The treasury department has announced that our national debt is now 100% of GDP. The only time it has been higher was during World War Two. President Obama doesn’t have the problem of waging a world wide war to rid to the world of fascism, he incurred all that debt for purely domestic reasons. He need to fund a binge of Keynesian spending in order to create a social democratic state. Now the country is broke. At 100% of GDP it means our national debt is equal to our entire economic output. That means it would take ever penny of every economic activity in this country for the next year to pay off the debt. Of course we can’t do such things. We would have to confiscate 100% of every individual’s and businesses earnings. But then I shouldn’t give the Democrats any idea.

Now to be objective and fair not all of this debt was piled up under President Obama’s term. Previous Presidents have spent far too much on the universal political dream of the super federal state. The bulk of the responsibility lies with Congress. They are the ones in charge of the money, the problem is at no time did they balk at spending more and more money. Spend hundreds of billions of dollars on entitlements? Not a problem. Create new government bureaucracies that we don’t even need? Here’s the money. Let us know if you need more. More taxes to fund all of this? Why you read my mind. That is basically the relationship between the executive and the legislative branches of government when it comes to more and more spending.

The problem is that the party of big spending has been in charge of the House of Representatives for most of the last 80 years. The GOP, since the great depression, has only controlled the house from 1946- 1948, 1952-1954, 1994-2006, and 2010 to present. That’s not a lot of years, and sadly they didn’t do a whole lot to put the brakes on spending either. They were a little stingier with President Clinton, but then they got comfortable in power and President Bush came along, and as conservative as he was in other areas fiscal restraint wasn’t one of them. But the great spending binges, the new entitlements, the new taxes, the new government programs and departments are all exclusively the work of Democratic congresses.

The American people corrected part of the problem in 2010 when they gave the House to the GOP. Unfortunately they kept the Senate in the hands of the Democrats, and President Obama is still there in the White House demanding more money. He wants more “revenue” that taxes to people like you and me. He still thinks that the government should take the lead by investing into the economy. Correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t we been doing that for the last three years? And look where it’s gotten us.

We’ve tried it President Obama’s way. We’ve tried the stimulus spending, the economy still stinks and we’re out of money. That’s the truth of it. We’re broke. Anyone who denies that simple, honest, fact is simply denying reality. We owe our entire economy to our creditors. If that thought doesn’t give you chills then you’re probably clinically dead. Forget saddling debt on your grandchildren, this generation has saddled a massive debt on their grandchildren’s grandchildren. All because the electorate was unhappy with the high spending of the Bush administration. So to punish the republicans for high spending the people in 2008 elected a super majority comprised of socialists to run the economy into the ground. Try and wrap that type of logic around your brain. We’re going to be paying for that statement election for more than a century. The election of 2010 was putting on the brakes, but we can’t reverse the course. The money has already been borrowed and now we have to pay it back. It’s very likely that we are looking at the last days when the United States is a superpower in anything but its own self esteem. This is what happens when we put Democrats in power.

The country cannot afford a second Obama term. Literally. We’re out of money. If the President is reelected, even if he has to face a GOP congress, there won’t be much left of the country. With his veto pen he’ll stop real spending cuts, entitlement reform, and will give America a huge tax hike by letting the tax cuts passed under President Bush expire. You think the economy is bad now? Give the chosen one another term and we’ll think that 9% unemployment is a gift from on high.

There are millions of Americans out of work and on welfare(and thanks to President Obama undoing welfare reform they can stay on the public dime forever), we’re spending so much money that it will take generations to get out from under it, if we ever can. Our currency is no longer the gold standard for the world, investors don’t want to get involved with a currency of a country that is on the verge of economic collapse. We’re flirting with real, and very serious, inflation. Businesses are scared, economic activity is down, and most Americans see their best days behind them.

Consider all of this, and you realize that giving President Obama a second term would be a case of national suicide. Are we willing to pull the trigger on ourselves? I don’t know. We’ll know by next year, and if President Obama is taking another oath of office then we’ll know that the United States is officially doomed. Let’s hope that the people aren’t willing to destroy the country for another crack at hope and change.

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