Pawlenty: Is he the Right Guy for the job? Read his book and find out!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Courage to Stand is an interesting book. Let’s face it most of us don’t have a clue who Tim is. And if you are going to get elected President of the United States, you better have a book. Obama had a book. And it was full of lies. And now we see a president that is a community organizer and he has absolutely no courage to stand for what he campaigned for. If you lie in your book, then what’s to keep you from lying all day long?

But if you read Tim’s book you will find the usual middle of the country youth that lived a pretty normal life. And from the beginning he understood simple conservative issues. He didn’t have to listen to talk radio to find these principles. They were all around him. Basically if you worked, you could get ahead in this country. One turn off for many people may be his references to scripture. But hopefully most will be able get through it. It’s kind of interesting that scripture can be used to support conservative values. To some that may be very convincing. But being raised a Catholic; we just didn’t spend much time studying the bible like many other Judeo-Christian religions.

But the bottom line is that you don’t get your conservative values from a book, you get it from living life.

Mr. Pawlenty never served in the military, but as governor he had a great deal of respect for the military. And a large portion of the book deals with the military and his many trips as governor to places like Afghanistan and Iraq. And he was very close to the National Guard from his state of Minnesota.

The most important point is that he had the courage to stand as governor. He had a bunch of liberal Democrats to deal with in his state, but at the end of the day he was able to cut spending, lower the deficit spending and did not raise taxes. What the liberals don’t really understand is that for politicians the easiest thing in the world to do is to over spend and cast their constituents in an endless pit of debt. Any jerk can do that!

President Bush, as governor and President, was a great leader because he knew what he wanted to accomplish. He campaigned on it and he did quite well. And President Bush was a religious man. The liberals hated him for it, but at the end of the day, President Bush did a great job serving our country. And Tim Pawlenty did a great job serving his state.

So when we look at Obama who has the worse approval rating ever, do you ever get the feeling he is serving our country? Just the other day he told us about the evil Republicans who were going to do something off the backs of the poor people. Tell me what benefit do poor people have to the economy and whatever the benefits are will we be able to use it to lower the deficit? If there is any idiot that answers yes, please stop reading this piece!

The point is that Obama is not a leader, and is not serving the country. And his only goal in this deficit debacle was to raise taxes. Thanks to the tea party folks serving their country, Obama lost that battle at least for now!

Pawlenty mentions on page 270 a profound statement that I don’t think most people realize. He states basically that for every dollar that the government spends or better said that congress adds to the debt, this is money that the government is planning to tax either you or your kids who will have to pay for it indefinitely.

Most people don’t realize this and obviously the liberal politicians haven’t a clue. People don’t realize that since Jimmy Carter we have not paid down the debt. They claim Clinton had a surplus, but did he pay down the debt?

So basically what congress and our government have been doing since Carter is adding debt on top of debt. There is no plan to pay down the debt! So every budget they pass outspends the revenue they collect so they either print more money or borrow money from foreigners.

The problem is simple. O’Reilly often displays this screen that shows what these presidents are racking up in debt per day. He claims Clinton was racking up $547 million dollars a day. President Bush was racking up $1600 million dollars a day and Obama is racking up $4100 million dollars a day.

I don’t want you to believe any of these numbers. What if you borrowed $10,000 from the bank 10 years ago? And you didn’t pay any of the principle. And you probably didn’t pay all the interest because at some point you refinanced it. What do you owe 10 years later? You now owe way more than $10,000. And you need to borrow more? And that’s what your government does everyday. So if Clinton was racking up $547 million dollars a day, what happened to the surplus and where was that great Clinton economy that they told us about? (Or at least they wanted us to imagine).

Governor Pawlenty spends a great deal of time writing about teamwork. He refers to the military as the greatest source of teamwork. The unit has to work as a team. It is one for all and all for one. And that’s what makes for better units in our military system.

But that’s what this country needs is teamwork. Obama exemplifies the anti-teamwork approach. These budget talks are always based on the country winning the lottery. Some how the revenues for next year are going to exceed this year’s revenues and we will have a surplus. Well since Carter we have heard this garbage and still we only see our revenues/jobs going to foreign countries. Congress has outspent our revenue forecasts for years. It must be an addiction.

People like Pawlenty and the Tea party folks make for a great nucleus or a catalyst for creating a team approach. The Republicans could have caved in this week and gave Obama and his liberal crooks the tax hikes they wanted. Instead they had the Courage to Stand. The American people need to take more responsibility in their government. There should be no more tax increases. And there should be no more budgets that automatically increase the national debt which now stands over $14 trillion American dollars. (This time next year will be settling in at $16 trillion dollars).

The liberals are sick. They are addicted to this over-spending. It will take a team of fine Americans like you and others like you to speak up and say we never want to see the government spend more annually then they can steal. If their annual predictions, forecasts or hot air exceeds the annual revenue then they need to adjust the budget immediately in line with the revenue deficit.

So if you get a chance read the book by a great patriot and a great American. And find the time to join Team America. If we don’t stop excess government spending then who will? (Obama?)


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