American Taxpayers: Chumps!

By: Michael John McCrae

I am one of the fortunate 90 percent of American workers still working. I am a chump. I could be sitting on my collective; collecting 99 weeks of unemployment. But I do not. I pay the taxes that keep the unemployed in gas, six-packs and cigarettes.

I have recently been reminded that my taxes allow the so-called “poor” to access free or very inexpensive telephone service as part of government allowances that include child care services, mortgage rescheduling, free school lunches, food stamps, energy assistance and now; birth control pills.

Of course I have no choices here. The Obama Administration gives all these perks to those who vote Democrat. I do not vote liberal, socialist, progressive, communist or stupid. I vote for people who expect each person to take personal responsibility for their own lives. I do not vote for people who believe government should be mother, father, great uncle, doctor, lawyer and priest. I am a conservative who believes government has no right to every single aspect of my personal liberty. To give that belief away is to subject myself to the tyranny of government. I gain nothing. I become a slave.

And this is the Obama Administration; building its population of slaves; beholden to government for everything: food, shelter, gas money and condoms: all paid for on the backs of chumps like me. I am a taxpayer. I work. I am a chump.

Yet, I am not some heartless bastard. If I were then I would not work. I would look for my 99 weeks of unemployment too. In New Jersey that amounts to almost $2000 a month. That’s at least a few cases of beer with some pizzas thrown in. I could live on that! I don’t begrudge any poor person a phone. How can you possibly call for pizza or Chinese food delivery without a phone? I believe everyone needs a phone. I don’t begrudge any woman free birth control. I’m all for women not getting pregnant only to murder the baby. I don’t begrudge someone who has lost a job a little unemployment money. Of course 99 weeks seems a little excessive to someone like me; who hasn’t been unemployed, even for one week, over the past 42 years.

Now, I have found out my hard-earned cash, stripped from me as taxes, is being used to support terrorism! Now, I am upset! Now, I want to become that heartless bastard!

A report dated 4 August 2011 by Stephen Clark entitled: “Palestinian Authority Using U.S. Aid to Help Pay Millions in Salaries to Jailed Terror Suspects, Report Finds” brings instant thoughts of “WTF” (that is not “Win The Future”)! And the first paragraph is enough to frost anyone’s chops: “The Palestinian Authority is spending more than $5 million per month in salaries for 5,500 convicted and alleged terrorists imprisoned in Israel — payments that defy congressional rules for U.S. funding to the PA, according to a new report from an Israeli research institute.”

If these payments “defy” United States’ law, treaty or “rules” then why hasn’t the United States cut off monetary assistance to the Palestinians? From the report: “The U.S. funds the PA’s general budget. Through the PA budget, the U.S. is paying the salaries of terrorist murderers in prison and funding the glorification and role modeling of terrorists,” the report reads.”

Now, as everyone with half a brain knows, all Palestinians are terrorists. Hell, they voted themselves a government led by the terrorist organization Hamas, after being disappointed by the “Palestinian Authority” governed by the terrorist organization Fatah! These are the same Palestinians who danced in the streets on September 12th 2001 to celebrate the destruction of New York City’s World Trade Center. The Palestinians have been on America’s welfare rolls since they finally stole enough Israeli land to declare themselves residents. They had been kicked out of every Arab nation they tried to inhabit then take over through the terror antics of former President Clinton’s good buddy, Yasser Arafat. The Palestinians are parasites. American chumps have been paying Palestinians for a whole lot longer than 99 weeks, with a whole lot more cash than unemployed Americans get.

The other day our illustrious President called for another extension of unemployment benefits, more stimulus and more taxes. I have an idea. Stop all payments to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the so-called “rebels” in Libya, Tunisia and Yemen, the Palestinian terrorists and every other pack of wild-dog, Islamist radical Arabs who are begging American taxpayer cash and put all of it down on the vaunted extension in stimulus spending for Americans! Let the Islamic Radicals ask for cash from their rich cousins in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria! Maybe even the Communist Chinese would chip in a few bucks!

And let’s not forget the Communist Chinese either. Yes, they hold trillions of United States’ debt, but we are giving them untold millions of dollars above what we owe for medical research and clean air. America is actually paying the Chinese money to discover medical cures for Chinese maladies and the EPA gives taxpayer cash to China toward greenhouse gas emission reduction. My question is: “Why the heck can’t the Communist Chinese pay for their own medical and environmental problems?” But I digress.

Let me return to Mr. Clark’s report: “The average salary of a prisoner is greater than Palestinian civil servants – prisoners on average receive $3,200 a month compared with $2,800 for civil servants.” It seems the “average” Palestinian terrorist salary and the average Palestinian “civil servant” salary is also greater than an American on unemployment for one month. It seems the average terrorist salary is also greater than a minimum wage American job holder for one month. It seems the average terrorist salary could also be paying the monthly mortgage of an American caught up in foreclosure proceedings.

To continue: “The U.S. government provided nearly $600 million to the PA [in 2010]; including $225 million in direct budgetary assistance to the PA, the report stated. [The PA says they are allowed by their law to do this.] But the PA’s new law may violate congressional rules for providing financial aid to the region…Under a 2010 funding legislation that lays out the rules for supplying money to the West Bank and Gaza, the secretary of state “shall take all appropriate steps to ensure that such assistance is not provided to or through any individual, private or government entity, or educational institution that the secretary knows or has reason to believe advocates, plans, sponsors, engages in, or has engaged in, terrorist activity,” according to the report.” And we all know who our illustrious Secretary of State is; right? Well for those of you in Outer East Gobi; that would be Hillary Clinton. Of course Mr. Clark reports: “The State Department, which oversees foreign aid, did not return numerous messages seeking comment.”

And that is simply because they have nothing to say. The State Department will not admit they are freely giving taxpayer money to terrorists against the law.

The sign stuck on my back reads: “Kick Me! I work! I’m a taxpayer! I’m a chump!”

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