An American Tragedy

By: William P. Frasca

Once again the Republican Party has been strategically manipulated by our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, who provided no plan or leadership. His only alternative offered was to spend and spend and spend. This continual reckless actions of abusing and escalating our economy into complete ruin, showed no urgent indication in correcting his clueless mistakes. This mockery was applauded by his base of Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats. Fortunately, this plan was immediately rejected by “common sense” members of his Party, who are up for re-election and the Republicans.

Compromise was finally reached, before the so-called Obama target date of potential doom and gloom was reached, but at what cost? This financial duel, or should we say the “sellout of incompetent fear” has led our Great Country to lose its “Triple A” bond rating, in which we proudly held since 1917.

Drastic cuts in our National budget should have been established immediately. Waste and fraud was ignored during this budgetary process. There must be a full evaluation and audit provided on who, what, when, where, why and how each Department, Entitlement or Subsidy is freely, and liberally dispensing our hard earned, blood, sweat, and tears tax revenue.

No one except the elected representatives of the Tea Party had the strength, courage and fortitude to change and challenge the wasteful inept Government control, in our Federal, State and local Governments. Thank God for the Tea Party. Yet they are being thrown under the bus by the cowards of the confused Republican Party establishment and the politically correct spend thrift Democratic Party of fools. Who consists of embracing high taxes, socialism, passive resistance, bowing, kneeling, apologizing, lies, innuendoes and political correctness?

If our elected, over stayed their welcome, scared imbeciles, ever had the strength, courage and fortitude to eliminate only fifty percent of the thievery which exists in our bloated governmental conglomerates, that are full of corruption and questionable larceny, it would not only pierce our deficit, but it would probably put us in the black.

If we secured our boarders and refused to offer, on a silver platter undeserved entitlements, to the illegal alien invaders that swarm freely into out land, sucking the life at of our economy and workforce, this will help eliminate our deficit and reduce unemployment.

If we kept corporations, here, instead of them manufacturing in others Countries, because of high taxes, anti-business bureaucracies, rules and regulations. Then we can once again produce, with unmatched pride and excellence, products that are: Made in America”. This will help eliminate our deficit and reduce unemployment.

If we eliminated needless, useless forced subsidies of all those liberal organizations that should be self sufficient, and fend for themselves such as A.C.O.R.N. and N.P.R. (National Public Radio), this will help eliminated our deficit.

If we cut completely from our vocabulary all the foreign aide we dispense to hostile nations that are aiding, hoping and praying for our demise. This will help eliminate our deficit.

If we scrutinized, evaluated and wiped out duplication of Government Services, Agencies and Departments. Together with, the limitation of creating multiple non-essential high salaried political hack “good old boy” positions, contracts, kickbacks and payouts. This will help eliminate our deficit.

The dinosaurs in Washington D.C. can’t think or react outside the box, they’re menu is flat, stale and unappetizing. Fortunately, there’s a new Chef in town called Tea Party with the necessary ingredients to stir the pot.

This is just a few malfunctions observed by a concerned citizen of the United States of America. Imagine the added unseen atrocities that really exist, which are sucking the life out of our National economy into a slow death of despair. No one except the members the Tea Party has seriously addressed these issues.

The Republicans better wake up and smell the roses. They’re losing creditability fast with the American people. They better join forces with them or sink into oblivion. After all the Democrats are constantly catering to their base of liars, buffoons, leeches, vagabonds, snakes and traitors.

The Democrats always use fear when all is lost, especially holding the despicable “Sword of Damocles” over the heads of our military and our elderly. Social Security is a separate fund, in which the government borrows from it. The checks by law can’t be withheld or stopped, but this didn’t put a halt to their frightful rhetoric.

Medicare is going broke with the help of Obamacare. Which is transferring (5) Five hundred billion dollars from its funds, to pay for this unpopular, forced down our throats, health plan full of horrors. There was little or no mention of it, from any media outlet, why?

Someone must inform the Republicans in Congress that they won the election and have control of the House of Representatives. Unfortunately for them and the American people, they’re acting like bungling, ineffectual, confused losers.

We must peacefully take back our Country and our freedoms. Vote; Write, E-mail, Phone, protest, legally assembly. Exercise your precious God given inalienable rights and our Constitution. The will of the people to self govern themselves must be preserved. Our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must never be compromised.

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