Hang the Tea Party Terrorists or Send them to Gitmo!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

It strikes the world a bit strange when all the liberal idiots start using the same comments and phrases. It would seem in the world of twitter once a liberal calls the Tea Party folks terrorists, then all the idiots fall in behind in lockstep.

You mean they are not smart enough to know that they will all appear in the media as a bunch of phony kool-aid drinkers.

But at the end of the day we all should thank the Tea Party folks for keeping the pressure on. And the bottom line is obvious. If we are ever going to return to capitalism, we need more Tea Party Politicians.

So if you get a chance look at the debt bill of 74 pages that our well informed politicians passed. It would seem if they were honest the bill would be about a dozen pages in length. It would be simple. And any idiot could pick it up and understand the law. As it stands most politicians probably did not understand the law before they signed it.

So it should have looked like this: The debt ceiling which is the amount the Federal government steals to pay for discretionary spending also known as pork barrel spending shall not exceed $1.2 trillion dollars in the next ten years. To clarify: This amount is the money that is spent by the government that exceeds the revenue allotted for to pay for these over-spent budget items.

For every dollar that the government spends in this $1.2 trillion dollar range must be met with cuts to the existing budget to the tune of one dollar cut for one dollar spent. In plain English if the government spending increases the debt by $1.2 trillion dollars it must be matched with cuts in spending of $1.2 trillion dollars in 10 years. (Wink, wink!) Or should it be (Oink, oink!).

And the congress will have an up and down vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment by a certain date. It can not be avoided by political shenanigans; it must be presented and voted on. (So the voters can see who voted against it)

You didn’t hear much about this but there is a 2 % reduction built in for Medicare. And there is an elimination of Federal student loans for professional and graduate students.

The rest is about procedural crap and paying for and setting up more committees something our budget really needed.

That only took about a half a page, why did it take your congress 74 pages? Guess they were looking for a lot of wiggle room!

The major problem with all of this is why the ten year window? And if you look real close, there is a catch. Bet you weren’t surprised. It looks like the debt ceiling can be raised in increments of $400 billion dollars without any big issue for the next ten years. And they only have to account for $1.2 trillion of it in ten years!

And kudos to the tea party terrorists but Obama and the liberals wanted to raise everyone’s taxes, but this debt bill does not have any provisions for raising taxes. So how stupid are we? If they don’t cut the debt, they will eventually have to tax you to pay down the debt!

To recap this fiasco, let’s dream like liberals and imagine that the U.S. Congress only over-spends $1.2 trillion dollars in 10 years. That has not happened in a long while but let’s dream. So that means they are $14 trillion dollars in debt today. They add 1.2 trillion dollars and that equates to a debt of 15 trillion plus dollars in 10 years.

This wonderful debt bill pertains (make-believe) to automatic spending cuts that will bring the debt back down to $14 trillion plus dollars. So you could be the dumbest person on the planet. Or you could be the guy in Problem Child that had the one brain between them to use today and what good is this debt bill? Maybe that’s why the AAA rating disappeared as well!

So if everything works exactly the way it should we are still over $14 trillion dollars in debt. So we have gained nothing. Good thing they called it terrorism!

So what will the liberals and thieves do with an additional $1.2 trillion dollars in over-spending? Also factor in that they will spend it today (pre-election) and they don’t have to make the cuts complete for 10 years. (Don’t hold your breath).

So no matter how you slice it this bill is stupid! And anyone that called the Tea Party politicians terrorists should be the ones sent to Gitmo. There used to be a time if you intended to cause harm to this country it was considered treason. Not any more: We call it left wing socialism.

Can you figure out why they are reducing Medicare? They cut Medicare with Obamacare. Obama cut social security for several years. So any old folks that vote for these thieves should have their Viagra taken away.

Why not cut Medicaid? Medicare is paid for as an entitlement. Medicaid is a gift program. Medicaid folks don’t pay a dime into the system but they do vote!

Why cut federal student aid to the graduates and professionals? This may be really stupid, but this was probably their revenge against the rich. But when Obamacare comes into full swing and we have a single payer system there will be a tremendous shortage of healthcare professionals. So their bright idea was to cut financial aid to these professionals. So the solution will be to import more foreign doctors from Mexico. That makes liberal sense!

No matter how hard you try, there is nothing in this bill that cuts over-spending. There is nothing that restricts spending to revenues’ generation. So in the end the taxpayer loses. Remember Obama said he was going to cut the debt in half in a few years. The few years have passed and it looks like he will double the debt again.

If we take the bank bailout money that Bush took out and imagine it was paid back with interest then President Bush gets the credit applied to his balance sheet. So at the end of the day most presidents including Bush and Clinton increased the national debt by $1.5 trillion dollars each in 8 years. Obama and his liberal thieves with the $1.2 trillion dollars (debt bill bonus) will raise the national debt to $15 maybe $16 trillion dollars in 4 years. And that’s not factoring in all the extra expenses Obamacare will cost the government after 2012. So for all the liberals out there who want to blame President Bush, Bush raised the debt about $1.5 trillion dollars in 8 years with 911 and Katrina, and Obama will raise the debt by $4 or 5 trillion dollars in 4 years.

So who are you not going to vote for in 2012? Maybe we should send all the liberals to Gitmo! When they get there you will still hear them blaming President Bush. But with a little luck maybe they will escape to Cuba and feel at home in Castro’s prospering socialism! Do you wonder how long it will take before they are desperately tubing in the Caribbean trying to float back to Capitalistic America?


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