Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder: “Cowards” On Race? Part III

By: Michael John McCrae

A recent report out of Wisconsin by Don Walker and Mike Johnson (Journal Sentinel) entitled: “State Patrol called in, youth policy imposed after violence at State Fair” reminds us that flash mobs are alive and well and attacking white people. The report is long and very descriptive of events centered around the Wisconsin State Fair but the report boils down to:

“Witnesses told WTMJ-AM (620) that dozens to hundreds of young black people were beating white people as they left the fair late Thursday night. Patrice Harris, a spokeswoman for the fair, said a police alert she was given indicated four people were hurt.”

“It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people,” Norb Roffers of Wind Lake told WTMJ. He said he left the State Fair entrance near the corner of S. 84th St. and W. Schlinger Ave. in West Allis.”

One eyewitness, a concession worker who works near the midway area, told the Journal Sentinel that large groups of African-American youths ran through the midway area, knocking over young children and adults, disrupting midway rides and tearing signs up…”I have never seen anything like it,” the worker said. “It was mob mentality.”

The mob was estimated to be 200-300 “African-American youths”. This is a much larger crowd that has been reported roaming the streets of Chicago of late. There have been no reports of United States’ Department of Justice involvement or intervention. President Barack Hussein Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have been silent on the matter of flash mobs. Strangely, we have heard nothing from any broadcast media outlet and all the normal black talking heads aren’t talking about the phenomena. All have proven Eric Holder’s words in February 2009 that Americans are “cowards” when it comes to talking about race.

In fact there is this interesting quote from the report: “On Friday afternoon, Mayor Tom Barrett announced an increase in police presence at community events planned for the week. He said there would be no tolerance for violence at festivals and that perpetrators will be prosecuted — regardless of race…”Two years ago I was a victim of a random attack at State Fair… last night’s events took place at State Fair that I don’t believe are random,” he said at a City Hall news conference…Barrett didn’t indicate if he believed the events were racially charged.”

To read the rest of the report about how this mob of black youths attacked any white people that got in the way: the property and vehicle damage; pulling cyclists off their cycles and beating them to the ground; shouting “racially charged” comments at white people might lead someone to believe the incident was “racially charged”. But we’ll leave that determination up to the folks responsible to determine whether or not actual “hate crimes” occurred. We should not hold our breaths as one report declared “no one was detained” while another reported up to 24 people were arrested.

Two more very recent incidents out of the Black Community are telling of the “cultural changes” spoken of in the 2010 census report. The first is the case of Donnell Graham “a 17-year-old Bel Air, MD” juvenile who murdered a blind man (Patrick Xavier Ward). We shall see how that plays out in the courts. There are plenty of witnesses and the evidence against Graham leaves little doubt. Yet, Graham is a juvenile and black. Will he become the victim while the blind man he murdered begins decomposing in his grave? Will media continue to show its racial cowardice? (See: BelAirPatch – Brad Gerick reporting: “Teen Charged with Murdering Blind Man”)

The other recent incident is out of North Carolina where a 43 year-old mother drowned with her 16 year-old daughter while attempting to avoid arrest for shoplifting. From the “Blaze” website, posted by Christopher Santarelli: “Police identified the dead woman as Gracie Nell Johnson, 43, and her daughter Rihanna Johnson, 16. Johnson and two others were at a Burlington Coat Factory in the city when a store employee called police to report shoplifting, according to a statement from police.” Now my question might be: “Who is personally responsible for these senseless deaths?” My immediate answer might be the 43 year-old mother who ran with her daughter into a rain swollen creek to avoid the police There are several real surprises within this report that I will not reveal here.

So what is going on with the Black Community? If you “Google” the term “flash mob” you’ll get a few hundred-thousand hits. You can go to the CDC website and find the government data on AIDS infection rates by any category and you can inspect the 2010 census data that breaks down America’s population by race, gender and even sexual orientation. Then you might look at the government’s unemployment figures and the economic news in general. In all of that you will see negative connotations for blacks. But it is up to you to do your own research. The information is there; it is just not widely reported. I believe that is disingenuous to the Black Community because it is up to that community to fix itself. They cannot fix anything if they cannot acknowledge anything is broken. Where are the voices from the liberal-socialist Left? Why is the liberal-socialist Left deliberately muting the debate from the Black Conservative voices of the Right? Why is President Barack Hussein Obama so intent on seeing homosexuals married while refusing to admonish black men who father so many children out-of-wedlock? Why is Eric Holder so intent on suing Alabama and Arizona for trying to enforce federal immigration laws against illegal border jumpers while he ignores American blacks who’ve broken federal laws against voter intimidation? The entire Black debate in all these matters is not happening out in the open. Media are cowards. The President is a coward. Eric Holder is a coward. Where are their voices?

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