A Lesson Learned From Wisconsin’s Recall Election

By: Michael John McCrae

The estimates range between 30 and 32 million dollars spent by the Democrat Party in their failed attempt to regain control of Wisconsin. I wonder how many school lunches could have been purchased with 30 million dollars. How many tanks of gas for school busses could have been bought? How many bridges could have been repaired? Well, I will let you ponder that while you consider his:

Governor Scott Walker was elected on a platform of fixing what was broken in Wisconsin. The voters of the state gave Governor Walker a majority of seats in the statehouse to enact the legislation necessary to bring the state from fiscal chaos into mild surplus without having to raise taxes. To any Democrat this is anathema. This is terrorism. The Wisconsin statehouse had become home to the Taliban!

Did the Democrats try to debate any of the Republican plans? No. For a short time they shut down Wisconsin’s government; sending their union minions to protest and calling in out of state heavy-hitters and union thugs to malign the people elected by Wisconsin’s voters. The Democrats fled the state; thinking their absence would keep the state senate from helping Governor Walker fulfill his campaign promises to those voters.

Wisconsin law permitted the state legislature to function without the Democrats; so they did. Without any Democrat support, debate or interference the legislature enacted the laws deemed necessary to turn the state around. Governor Walker was happy to sign those bills. The Democrats became incensed that the Republicans would dare to correct Wisconsin’s downward fiscal path; hence the recall elections.

But Wisconsin’s voters have again spoken. The State’s taxpayers do not want higher taxes to pay for the benefits of non-taxpayers. The voters of Wisconsin said that union members should contribute something to their health and retirement plans just as non-union members. They want a Governor and legislature that cares more about the people of Wisconsin than gaining political power; schmoozing unions or the Feds in Washington.

The lesson to take from this is more for all of the nation’s governors. What happened in Wisconsin will happen in other states that try to rein in spending and union power. Democrats are vindictive. Democrats walk away from debate because they have no valid points to debate. Democrats call names. Democrats throw hissy-fits and run away when they cannot get what they want. Then Democrats will call in their thugs from Washington, media and the unions to wreck chaos, stink up statehouses (was that $75,000 in damages?) and attempt to stall any legislation that seeks to take back even one percent of any salary or benefits that had been negotiated at taxpayer expense.

What was accomplished by Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Party in Wisconsin was accomplished through conservative tenacity that should be an example to the other 49 American States. The laws enacted have put Wisconsin on a path toward fiscal stability. The Democrats fought hard to maintain the status quo; using 30 million dollars that probably could have served the greater good of Wisconsinites; but was squandered in a vindictive attempt to overturn the will of Wisconsin’s electorate. The greed and avarice displayed by unions and Democrat politicians who support the agenda of Obama’s Washington is apparent. Perhaps that’s just Wisconsin’s Democrats living so close to Chicago?

Congratulations to the voters of Wisconsin. You have a Governor who cares about you. Continue to support him and those brave men and women in your State legislature who have dared Democrat scorn to enact the laws that protect your state from further, irresponsible spending.

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