Is Government a Moral Idea?

By: Craig Chamberlain

Thomas Paine once wrote that: “Government is, at its very best, a necessary evil; at it’s worst an intolerable one.” There is a lot of wisdom in that phrase. It’s something that every American should think about. Especially now, in the face of recession, and economic downgrade where it looks as if Americas days of being the top economic dog are over. It has been the federal government that has been the author of this mess. We all know the reasons. Successive administrations spent, spent, and spent some more all the while convincing themselves that the engine of American industry could pick up the slack. If there is one thing that the Obama administration should have taught every American by now it’s that a free market economy can’t support a massive welfare state, especially when the administration is as hostile to capitalism as this one is.

Hundreds of billions of dollars in stimulus spending, Obamacare, Dodd/ Frank financial regulations, and the constant class warfare of the administration has done nothing to encourage the private sector to hire workers or invest money. Washington has made it perfectly clear that they think that economy should be run from Washington. The American economy, already flirting with total collapse cannot take another four years of this. It must be a total course reversal in the 2012 elections if this country is to have any chance.

We need to ask ourselves, as a nation, two things. First of all how much government do we need? And secondly what makes us think that government is a good idea at all? No, I’m not an anarchist. I do think that there are legitimate functions of government. I just think that the number of those legitimate functions is very limited. In America we believe in individual freedom. For the most part we think a person is free to do something as long as they are not hurting other people. You can legitimately debate as to whether or not this is a good definition of liberty or not, but that’s not what I’m getting at. Government doesn’t thrive on freedom. It thrives on compulsion, on force. And since it thrives on compulsion it tends to be suspicious of, if not hostile to, the idea of individual liberty. Think of all the things the government says we must do. You must pay your taxes. If you don’t you go to jail. It’s like the mob demanding protection money. The taxpayer and the guy paying protection money get about the same return on their payment. That is, they don’t get thrown into prison or beaten.

For all practical purposes you must send your children to public schools. The state does everything it can to discourage private schools or homes schooling. The result is that American children are notoriously ignorant. Many cannot identify George Washington as the first President of the United States, they have no idea that Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence, and they can’t perform basic math without the assistance of a calculator. However, they can tell you the cast of “Jersey Shore”. Of course anyone paying any attention at all knows that public schools aren’t there to educate children in anything useful. They exist to give teachers(who never would be able to find employment without a government monopoly) a job and indoctrinate America’s children in the politically correct order. Teachers don’t care if their students can’t identify the author of the emancipation proclamation. As long as they are raising the next generation of Democratic voters they’re happy.

If Obamacare stands and becomes the law of the land. Then you will be compelled to buy health insurance. If the state can force you to buy health insurance then there is nothing from stopping them if they want to force you to buy something else. What’s to stop them from saying you can only by a GM automobile? Or from saying you have to buy your groceries at Whole Food?

You are now forbidden, or will be in 2013, from buying incandescent light bulbs. It will only get worse from there. Already in my home state recycling is mandatory. You can be fined if they catch you throwing away recyclable items. Everyone knows the whole environmental thing is a crock, even the environmentalists. They lie about global warming, recycling saves very little, the light bulb is threatening to burn a hole in the atmosphere. If we wanted to stop the spread of noxious gases we’d bolt Al Gores mouth shut. But, just like public schools have nothing to do with education, the environmental movement has nothing to do with saving the environment. Most environmentalists are “watermelons” they are green on the outside, and red on the inside. They know they can’t take control with the old rhetoric and the workers of the world unite crap, but if they can scare the little kiddies about the danger polar bears are in, and the morality of “going green” (that is, communist) then they have a shot at really tearing up the freedom of the American people. It’s all about expanding the power of the state.

This is just a small sampling of the things that government can force you to do. Ask yourselves would America survive if we got rid of the unconstitutional government mandates and controls? Did we survive before we enacted them? Is it moral of a society to demand that the people fall in line with their agendas at the threat of criminal punishment.? The only legitimate functions of the federal government are defense, diplomacy, making a common currency and creating a common market between the states, and maintaining a federal court system to settle disputes between the federal government and the states, or between the states, or dealing with interstate crimes.

Anything beyond that violates the spirit of the constitution and the intentions of most of our founding fathers. It also creates an immoral system, because you can’t have big government without force. The American people need to get back to a moral, constitutional, government. One that knows its place and one that won’t seek to continually absorb all the power it can get for itself. If the American people don’t do that soon there might not be an America to worry about.

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