Say Good-bye to Our AAA Rating. Say Hello to Communism!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

It is quite funny. All these kooks including O’Reilly have no clue about finance. They tell the folks that we have to pass the debt bill and raise the debt ceiling otherwise the Americans will be hurt! Does that sound like independent thinking? It is more like an independent liberal!

So what happened? Congress passed a bogus debt bill to raise the debt ceiling and it has no new taxes and the spending cuts for the most part were bogus!

If you look at the tainted S & P rating: The first thing congress should call for is an investigation into the corruption of the S & P rating.

Bottom line is that the taxpayer has been getting screwed by all these bank-like people for a long time. And frankly we should have had enough of it by now and we should demand investigations into these institutions. Let’s start with S & P and Freddie and Fannie folks. Start tracking those derivatives and see whose making all the money on the demise of the value of your home and your stock portfolio!

When you look at these ratings they are for the most part bogus. Our rating has been down graded to AA+ but we are all unstable. If we are unstable bring in some shrinks and let’s get our heads on straight. Actually it is categorized as negative not unstable. Heck with all these liberal communists running the government we better be negative!

China has a rating of AA- stable. So if you look at the S & P report it is bogus. Here is a quote from their report. “We also believe that the fiscal consolidation plan (Debt Bill) that Congress and the Administration agreed to this week falls short of the amount that we believe is necessary to stabilize the general government debt burden by the middle of the decade.”

This statement raises many red flags. Each one of these crooks needs to be investigated. Obviously the power of such a rating must be reduced to what it truly is? It is Propaganda for the Liberal Communists.

Remember the liberals have had a bad couple of years. Their shining star Obama was shot down by his subjects. Global warming the future of the commie global economy was shot down. Along with cap and trade the money generator for global communism. It becomes obvious that all these forces are trying to hurt America. Is S & P one of these forces? So we need to fight back!

So the middle of the decade is somewhere around 2015. This report talks like Obama: It lack specificity in a plan and has no numbers. When they say the bogus debt bill fell short of an amount that would signal the stabilization of America’s debt burden if so by what amount?

Obama’s people claimed the S& P phonies made a $2 trillion dollar error? But what is the issue? Is the debt too large? It was $14 trillion dollars a few weeks ago and the rating was AAA.

And according to the bill the debt should be $14 trillion once the cuts kick in. So we have to agree with the S & P folks. No one believes that the crooks in Washington are going to cut spending enough to keep the national debt at $14 trillion dollars for 10 years.

So the question is: The fact that the debt is going to go over $14 trillion dollars is that too much for the S & P folks? And why was it ok for the Moody folks? So magically the United States economy was AAA until the crooks raised the debt ceiling? Can we extrapolate that if congress did not raise the debt ceiling that the rating would still be AAA stable?

Since Obama took over and he had a liberal congress they have been spending debt money (disguised as stimulus) like there is no tomorrow. So from 2009 to 2011 when we had the most communistic government ever, the rating did not change. We had the worse economy since the great depression they preached and the rating did not change? Maybe the S & P folks are racists. After all we have a black president. But we had one since 2009!

But this is the telltale sign. S & P’s page 4 has a very revealing and stupid statement. It is as follows: “We have changed our assumption on this because the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues, a position we believe Congress reinforced by passing the act”.

These S & P folks need to be investigated. This must violate the global hate crime international laws. First off the bogus debt law was passed by the house with a vote of 269 in favor and it was voted against by 66 Republicans and 95 Democrats. This is clearly not the majority of Republicans. It sounds like Commie Propaganda to me, how about you? The Tea folks wanted cut, cap and balance. Wouldn’t that raise revenues?

In the Senate 26 voted against the debt bill. Now since they are all politicians it is not a real vote. They get enough votes to pass the law and let the others off the hook. But the point is very clear. On what grounds can S & P blame only the (Tea Party) Republicans?

So if you read between the lines the S&P folks were making a political statement against the Tea Party Republicans. The same folks the commie’s called terrorists. That should raise the hair on the back of your head. Remember the other commies wanted to raise the income tax on rich people. The folks making more then $200,000 dollars a year and Matt Damon were to pay higher taxes. That’s all well and good, but it would have no effect on the national debt if the liberals keep spending more then they can steal!

Let’s look at how the commie’s at S & P should have handled the problem. Let’s assume it was not meant to be political and not to be used to blame the Republicans and not the support of more commie liberal spending!

The first thing they should have stated was the growth and unemployment is not getting better in the United States. The liberal policies of Obama and the liberals are a failure. It is reasonable to conclude that as long as Americans keep electing losers like this the economy has no chance of improving by 2015.

Therefore and thus, it is reasonable to conclude that the stability of the American Economy will be downgraded.

Bottom line here is 2015 is a long way off. By 2013 we will have a brand new president and a brand new congress! If they repeal Obamacare and arrest the crooks who cut all the appraisals by 23% in August 2008, and they return the appraisals to values as they were in July 2008 we will have the greatest economy ever.

Are the S & P folks predicting that the citizens of the United States can’t get rid of the liberal crooked politicians? Maybe they are correct. But before they can predict our American economy for 2015, maybe they should wait until 2013 to downgrade the rating! But what if S & P has an ulterior motive to effect the upcoming election? You can bet the liberals will use the S & P line about the Republicans many times. But fortunately most people disagree with increasing revenue by taxation. They would rather see severe cuts in the Federal Budget! That too would raise revenue surpluses.

Bottom line is if Americans can’t get rid of the liberal commies by 2013, then like all other socialist countries the American economy is doomed for failure. It won’t be long before our prosperity is equal to that of other communist countries. Like China, maybe folks in America should start living in factories and earning wages of $100 per month. Would that stabilize our S & P rating? If we could get all the non-essential federal workers (starting with the Whitehouse) to accept a salary of $100 per month, we would have a budget surplus by 2015!


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