The Times Poll on the Debt Bill sounds a little Shady

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Does it crack you up when you see a liberal poll slanted to the left? If you read the Times article that accompanies the poll it is always very enlightening. And to start we need some real basic questions asked: what helps the economy more: 1. Raising Federal taxes; 2. Raising federal Debt Ceiling; 3. Or cutting Federal debt spending?

Also factor in that about 50% of the folks are not registered to vote. And only about 60% of the registered voters vote once per election, except in Chicago.

When you look at poll numbers look at who took the poll. The Times had 960 folks in the sample. With a base of 307 million people, 960 may not be enough to acquire any level of validity. The NY Times can afford to survey more people, but are they looking for a certain result?

Next look who voted in this poll. The Times claimed that 24% were Republicans, 32% Democrats and 39% Independents. Looking at the results, you will definitely see a liberal slant to the poll. So can we conclude that most of the so called independents are liberal Democrats in sheep clothing? Or maybe they took the entire poll up in Massachusetts. There you have mostly independents but they vote generally liberal Kennedy style.

So in effect this poll may turn out to be 24% Republicans and about 60% Democrat. Now that seems to be fair and balanced.

Let’s look at this result: Those polled were 22% liberal, 32% conservative and a whopping 43% moderate. Are they moderately liberal or moderately Democrats? So it could be that those polled were about 60% liberal. The tell tale sign is the questions that usually ask what party do you usually vote for and did you vote in the 2008 election. Both these questions were marked absent on this tainted poll.

So let’s look at this poll a little differently. We would expect a strong bias toward Obama and his socialistic policies.

Many questions in the poll were just plan stupid and useless. And you think you would compose a question that would lead the poll taker to the conclusion that the responder has no clue what the questions are about. Do they know what the debt ceiling is? Do they care?

The best question is who is responsible for the debt deficit? 100% should have voted for congress. Every budget is approved by congress as well as all spending. So a whopping 43 % the most ever blamed the Bush Administration. So it is real clear we have the most left leaning group ever for the NY Times poll. 15% blamed Obama which is the highest ever. 15% blamed congress. And my favorite 10% blamed someone else.

Again the facts are real simple. President Bush after 8 years added about $1.5 trillion dollars to the deficit after dealing with 911 and Katrina. Obama is up around $5-6 trillion dollars if he spends the full debt bill by 2012. And all the other presidents combined added about $8 trillion dollars since Carter (1977).

If these folks weren’t so liberal and bias, they should have picked Obama 98%. You have to leave 2% in for the “have no clue” category. And congress is always 100% because they are the folks that approved the raising of the debt ceiling. But considering that this poll was tainted by over 60%; the fact that Obama received 15% is quite revealing.

Another dumb question was: Who do you trust more with the economy Obama or the Republicans in congress. Do the Republicans include just the RINO’s or the Tea party folks or both? 47% trust Obama to make the right decisions. You have to be kidding? But with over a 60% hedge that means that over 13% of the liberal vote didn’t trust Obama with the economy!

And the one question that rates the economy had it worsening on all accounts. They couldn’t find one person to say that the economy was very good. That hasn’t been the case for 8 consecutive polls.

Another 66% disapprove of the Democrats handling the debt ceiling. And 72% disapprove of the Republicans handling the debt ceiling. This question shows some promise but they missed the point.

It would have been more promising to ask should the debt ceiling be raised? Should there be a balanced budget amendment?

Do you think that when the government spends more then the amount collected in taxes this amount adds to the national deficit?

In order to balance the budget should the government raise taxes?

In order to balance the budget should the government cut excess spending?

Should the government repeal Obamacare?

If they asked simple questions like this without the touchy feely garbage like are you frustrated, then the Times would get a result that would be useful. As it stands now all these results are only for political rhetoric!

They are already quoting the question about whether the debt bill should have included increased tax revenue or cuts in spending? They are claiming 50% wanted increase taxes! On what basis can they make this claim? They should have clarified do you want to increase taxes to increase revenue? And both of these answers should have been dealt with in separate questions. My bet is that over 70% would have favored cuts in spending! But the purpose of the question was not to survey the people for honest results; they were looking solely for fodder for political rhetoric and to feed the mill in support of class warfare? But they never asked where the revenue was to come from? The rich, the poor, corporate America, foreigners or cuts in spending? (Or someone else!)

At the end of the article the Times quotes a Republican as saying that if you create more jobs you cut spending. If you take it out of context it is quite stupid. But what she meant was that if people are working and not on the public dole then there is less government spending to support this person when they are not working! But the underlying question not asked is: Does the government need to cut spending and lower taxes and repeal Obamacare in order to get more people back to work?

Another comment was: If spending is cut, jobs will be eliminated and the government won’t get any revenue. Again it appears that spending cuts as a term is getting a bit broad in this Times article. This genius is saying if a job is created purely by spending government money, for example a government job, then the taxes that person pays goes as revenue to the government.

You could be the dumbest person on the planet, but it is very clear that if the government creates a job in the Whitehouse for $100,000 a year. And there is a benefit package that comes along with it for $40,000 a year. That person might pay taxes of about $20,000 dollars to the federal government. If the government pays out $140,000 to receive $20,000 dollars in revenue, you have to be pretty dumb to think that is beneficial to lowering the debt. And that my folks is the problem. The government always spends more then in takes in. And right now Obama and his liberal congress win the fish cake! Not only have they lost the AAA rating and drove the stock market down several hundred points but they are still in office and plan to run again next time.

Do you think it is time to send the liberal Democrats a packing? The NY Times doesn’t think so!


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