Open Letter to Mr. Juan Williams – Part II

By: Michael John McCrae

Dear Mr. Williams,

I have a sense that you live in a different world from the real one most of us; who are not liberal elites find ourselves in. You wrote: “A review of the GOP ideas debated last night for improving on President Obama’s disappointing first term reveals a patchwork of proposals that led to economic problems, antagonism towards immigrants, especially Hispanics, and indifference to the poor and seniors.”

Now, I know that you mean this as a “revenues” issue. You believe all America’s problems can be solved by simply raising taxes “on the rich”. By raising taxes “on the rich” you believe we can absorb 12 million illegal border jumpers while expanding entitlement programs to everyone without incurring further debt. You completely ignore the point every debate attendee made about cutting government spending and supporting illegal immigrants who steal services that should only be reserved for American citizens. The “antagonism” is against the liberal stance that illegal border jumpers are entitled to every possible entitlement simply because they made it across American borders. The so-called “indifference” to the poor and seniors is a talking point without merit. If you look at charitable giving in the United States you’ll find the bulk of that support coming from Republicans and not the least disparaged. The point of view of the Republican side is that families should take care of their own, churches are capable helpers of the poor and everyone should take personal responsibility for their own future because the government returns on a lifetime of investment amounts to about three percent total.

You wrote: “On immigration reform the candidates offered only knee-jerk, talk radio sound bites about building even bigger walls, complete with electrified barb wire – oh, that was supposed to be a joke. Do these candidates think only the most hateful, anti-immigrant bullies are listening?”

No, I’m sure each candidate was serious about finally closing the porous southern border as the numbers of “other than Hispanic” illegal border jumpers has been steadily growing; threatening national security. The numbers already threaten the economy and with 9.2 percent unemployment for Americans, it would be time to extricate all illegal people holding any job an American could fill. If all of that takes “bigger and better walls”, I say put six-million or so Americans to work building it just as quickly as one can be built!

Mr. Williams, you had me laughing out loud with these comments: “Where are serious proposals about how to deal with 12 million illegal immigrants who add economic vitality, youthful energy, and transformative culture to America? What about the oppressive laws passed in Arizona to allow harassment of people who look Hispanic? How about the talented people who can’t get into this country because the immigration system is broken? Not one serious answer from the Republicans on stage last night.”

Since when does illegal anything “add economic vitality”. America spends billions in a war against drugs that are illegally transported by border jumpers. Hospital emergency rooms have had to close, schools have been overwhelmed and billions have been spent to give welfare and social services to non-residents. All that “youthful energy” has been recently spent on marches through American streets by illegal border jumpers supported by “La Raza” (Obama allies) carrying Mexican flags; calling for American states to be returned to Mexico. Hispanics have become the number one “minority” in the United States; surpassing blacks; depleting social services once reserved for black Americans. Yes, the American culture is being transformed into that of another Latino third world dictatorship! Arizona’s so-called “oppressive” laws are patterned after Federal Law deliberately to avoid conflict; yet the Obama Administration won’t enforce Federal law; suing Arizona for wanting to do what the Federal Government fails to do! “Talented” legal immigrants can’t get into America because all the available legal slots are being aggressively stolen by “Anchor Baby” families. In all that there could be not a more serious answer than “Build a fence and build it big!”

Your next comments tell me you are in favor of the status quo. You would see America continue its economic decline by ignoring the two major entitlement programs bankrupting the nation. You wrote: “These “Back to the Future” Republicans also called for supporting privatization of Medicare and Social Security. They support banning abortion and – with the exception of Ron Paul – doing nothing to reduce spending on the military-industrial complex.”

And what is wrong with allowing Americans to keep money they’ve earned rather than throw it into Washington’s black-hole general fund? Again, it is a matter of personal responsibility and allowing Americans freedom of choice when it comes to their health care. Why depend on bureaucrats and “death panels” when health and life choices should all be family matters without government mandates or restrictions? Apparently you agree with Barney Frank that America spends too much on the military. In my humble opinion, anyone in agreement with Barney Frank on anything should consider psychological therapy.

Now you commented that Newt Gingrich had “substantive contributions” when he commented on a quick return of Congress to repeal “Dodd-Frank”, “Sarbanes-Oxley” (and the one you failed to mention – “Obamacare”). Yet you disagreed because you believe Wall Street should be much more highly regulated. Newt’s point was that “Dodd-Frank” and “Sarbanes-Oxley” are no more than token bills filled with regulations that will never be acted upon. Democrats get the bulk of their funding from Wall Street and they are not about to put teeth in either of those acts that might kill the flow of laundered cash from Wall Street’s many Democrat supporters. Newt didn’t go far enough in my estimation. Congress should return and repeal anything bearing Obama’s signature. Everything he’s signed since becoming President has added to the massive debt of America.

Well, I will leave it here. The rest of your opinion piece is simply a hatchet job in an attempt to make Obama look good against all evidence to the contrary. In a recent poll of a generic Republican running against Obama, the President lost to the generic republican. As of today I am reading 39 percent approval and 54 percent disapproval ratings for the man with the golden teleprompter. President Obama is a failure in everything he’s touched. In his own narcissistic mind I’m sure he considers himself a wonderful president. In the minds of sycophants like yourself Mr. Williams, you probably agree with Obama. I am sad for you.

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