Bank of America Boycott Offers BofA a Truce


The organizers of a national boycott against Bank of America, that has been ongoing since February of 2007 in response to BofA’s plan to offer credit cards and mortgages to illegal aliens, has offered to end the boycott if BofA will end the credit card program.

Over 132,000 Americans have signed the boycott online petition found at to “demand that all companies and corporations operating within the territory of the USA cease and desist any financial or political support for illegal aliens”

Bank of America’s stock is crashing after reports indicating the bank is losing billions of dollars.

Bank of America’s credit cards for illegal immigrants plan received national press coverage as did the launch of the Bank of America Boycott led by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. American citizens flooded BofA headquarters in Charlotte, NC with complaint calls, large numbers closed their accounts with BofA, moved their mortgages to other companies, and mailed in cut up Bank of America debit and credit cards in protest.

It is a violation of federal law to aid and abet illegal aliens inside the United States and numerous certified polls show that over 80% of Americans oppose benefits knowingly offered to illegal aliens.

“Bank of America is currently experiencing severe financial woes and we are offering to publicly drop our boycott efforts if the bank will publicly announce an end to their program designed to issue credit cards and mortgages to illegal immigrants.” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “We also want Bank of America to stop donating to the racist illegal alien supporting organization called the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) as well.”

Each week, thousands of Americans see the website and the associated information located there. The website also has a large list of banks that do or do not accept the Matricula Consular cards that the Mexican government sells to illegal aliens in America.

Bank of America’s name remains synonymous with illegal immigration due to the lasting discussion of this scandal. Talk radio shows and bloggers across America continue to mention BofA’s issuance of credit and mortgages to illegal aliens, and the resultant backlash from Americans, in discussions of the bank’s current financial crisis.

“Unless Bank of America drops their efforts to finance illegal immigrants in America, we will continue and strengthen our boycott efforts.” said William Gheen. “Furthermore, we are asking the over 132,000 people who have signed our online petition to contact the Congress demanding that no tax resources be used to bail out Bank of America as long as the bank continues to violate federal law by willfully aiding and abetting illegal immigrants on US soil.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and other illegal immigration fighting groups in the NIIBC (National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition) hope that Bank of America will do the right thing by ending these morally repugnant practices and become a good corporate citizen in America by ending its support for illegal aliens and groups that support illegals like NCLR.

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