These Five things won’t fix the problems! No way, no how!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Jeff Carter wrote this article where he claims we need these 5 things to happen to fix our country.

Basically he wants a flat tax, capital gains and business taxes reduced to zero.

Remove all regulations against energy exploration. And allow skilled people to come to the country to start a business and buy a home and give them citizenship.

Let’s throw in as well O’Reilly’s folly of a national sales tax to pay down the debt.

Let’s discuss the tax issue first. Anyone that proposes any tax increase disguised in any form whatsoever is an idiot. I mean that in the kindest way but let’s face it; the problem is not that we have a shortage of tax revenue! The problem is that we have too much spending. So if you raise taxes for what possible reason would they cut spending? There is no reason. Crooked politicians by their very nature will spend the revenues and then spend more. How do you think we arrived at a $14 trillion dollar national debt and Social Security that isn’t over-flowing with more money then they know what to do with?

Money is very simple. It is simple physics. If there is a force in one direction there is an equal and opposite force created. Same thing hold true with government spending. If they spend it, then it helps some and hurts others. If they raise taxes, it hurts some and helps others. So quit messing with the status quo. The road to hell is paved with good intentions; let’s stop driving down the same road.

The flat tax idea is stupid. You are still taxing income. The rich will still avoid taxes. And in the end you will still pay more taxes if they keep spending more!

Businesses that have over a certain number of employees should not pay any taxes. As long as all the employees pay income taxes to the US we will do fine. And it will encourage businesses to grow and prosper in this country not some other country. This alone will create millions of real jobs! Do you know American Businesses have invested billions of American dollars in China’s economy? Why do you think they didn’t invest in our economy?

As far as lifting regulations that would be helpful to the energy industry but it feels a little broad. I think Carter means lift the bans from allowing them to explore for new energy but make sure they are covered by the all encompassing law that says if you screw up and cause damage like BP you will pay through the nose and then some.

Remember the Bp mess could have been avoided. Just like the nuclear problems in Japan. Someone thought it was prudent to take short cuts. And they probably get away with it many times a day. But when they don’t get away with it, the damages are outrageous. They must be held accountable for all damages and then some.

In other words the idiots in Washington have granted permission to drill in the Artic Ocean off ANWR but they won’t allow drilling in Alaska. That seems stupid. It would be cheaper and safer to drill on land. Obama has vacationed all over the world on the taxpayer dime in the last few years. Not once did he vacation on the northern border of Alaska!

As far as inviting immigrants into this country that have bags of money, I can’t agree. Highly skilled is not good enough. If you mean a skill that no American has, well that is happening already. We are already immigrating West Africans to work at Wal-Mart. Once you have opened the flood gates it seems like we have no way to close them. The easiest way to solve the problem is to stop all immigration and asylum granting until we get the illegal immigration problems under control! If you did that, the problems would be solved in a week!

O’Reilly’s stupidity has been answered. If Congress can’t stop over-spending now, why would they stop over-spending if there was a 1% national sales tax! You have to be kidding! Just because you use the sales tax to lower the deficit that’s going to get results? Having the tax doesn’t mean they will stop adding to the deficit. They are addicted to it. They have been over-spending for more than thirty years! Why stop now?

Dr. Phil supports a national sales taxation. But that would be the only taxation. All other taxes including income, property taxes etc. would be eliminated. It would be replaced by one tax! Couple this with a balanced budget amendment and you fix everything. Everyone would pay their fair share. And at the end of the day the money in your pocket is yours. You won’t have to wait until April 15th to find out what is yours and what belongs to Uncle Sam.

And there will be no debt ceiling debacle because it would be against the U.S. Constitution for the Federal government to spend more then the revenue they take in!

Put it this way, if all the taxes could be eliminated, would you mind paying a 20% national sales tax? Most of us are paying 7 or 8 percent state sales tax now. And don’t forget about the ton of other taxes that you are burdened with as well.

Please don’t get sucked into the tax argument. The problem is that we do have enough tax revenue, even though S & P might take exception. The problem is that the Federal government is out of control. Collecting more tax revenue is not the solution or the resolve. We must teach our crooked politicians that they must live within their means. Or is it our means! No taxation without adequate revenue! Throw that into the Boston Harbor!


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